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I had a very close look at the 2 dents and I think they are probably silver hallmarks. Can Stubnib confirm that it is the case?
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Hello sorry for my very late answer but when a drop is over I do not check it daily... sorry again. I attach here a pic of the hallmarks we must stamp by the law. Please check and compare with ones on your pens. I'm 100% sure that what you see are them. Note: these stamps are compulsory (we must put them) and are released from our goverment since we are silversmith and enrolled into Italian jewelry register. Their function is to guarantee the customers that the metal is really silver 925, besides there is a number that identifies us as silversmiths. Not dents so but an added value to the pen since truly made of silver. I hope that you find this information usefull and if you have any follow up questions plese do not hesitate to rech back out to me. Best regards from Italy. Maurizio
Yes, they are identical to the marks on my pen.
Massdrop has failed to resolve my issue with this pen, and Andrewpn has a similar issue. CS is not handling my claim, but "specialized team". I've heard nothing from them. Why a "specialized team" for a defect clearly visible upon inspection? After initial excitement and satisfaction with Massdrop, I fear I am finished with them. Will call Better Bus. Bureau soon.
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Thank you, but no. My pens look like this:

In truth is exactly the hallmarks. I confirm. I presume that they look a bit heavy since they was punched with strenght needed to make them readable on the squared Guillochè engraving of the silver. The issue is that the law on hallmarks require that they "must be readable" but to get this on some silver engraving like this one we need to add strenght on the punch. Sorry if this is a problem for you but again it was made as "warranty" . If you think this is a problem we could arrange for a return and a change. Best regards!
I noticed 2 dents too similar to what randywit described. Is it normal ? I also have problem with the nib drying out after a few hours not using the pen.
Received pen. Beautiful; however, I noticed two dents or depressions - one in the cap barrel, the other in the main body barrel. I sent two emails to Massdrop regarding the issue but have heard nothing yet. Although dented, the finished is unmarred. Anyone else notice depressions in barrel? Anyone else have return experience with Massdrop?
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Our CS team has confirmed that another email was sent out to you yesterday - if there is nothing in your spam or junk mail folder, please make sure you're checking with the email address associated with your Massdrop account. Lastly, did you send us a note through your Transactions page? Or did you send out an email directly to our helpdesk@massdrop email address?
I feel badly, but not too badly: I was looking for "Massdrop" and not an unrecognized name. I will search for other emails. Thank you so much ... could we mention to CS that "Massdrop" should probably come first in the sender's title and not last? Again, thank you very, very much.
Stubnib Got the pen and love it, but noticed some weird issues with the nib drying out constantly. Think there might be an issue with the lid, can you help?
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Sent another still waiting on a reply.
Sorry, may be I miss it. I will check again and better tomorrow. Regards
Why is the EF nib only available in SS. It would be fantastic to see a pen or two offered on Massdrop with EF/XF gold nibs. Willing to pay more if that is what it takes - the gold nibs are always more and are more than worth it.
I'd like to get that in all silver.
I agree. All silver would be very nice.
Just wanted to know when the pen is going to be shipped.
Is anyone else experiencing problems getting the website to function? All I get is an entirely dead site...
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Hi Maurizio, thanks very much for clarifying that. I'm actually in New Zealand, we're not terrifically well known for our hackers... ;) Any chance you can release New Zealand?
I’m in Fiji on holiday and it’s blocked here too. I think you just need a more secure website with https.