Grifos Yggdrasil Walnut Wood & Silver Fountain Pensearch

Grifos Yggdrasil Walnut Wood & Silver Fountain Pen

Grifos Yggdrasil Walnut Wood & Silver Fountain Pen

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I was very excited to receive my pen today until I noticed that both the cap and barrel were dented where the silver mark had been stamped and there was another ding on the side of the cap.
Dent in pen cap

Dent in pen barrel

Ding on cap.

Other than the dents and ding this is a beautiful pen, so I am going to see if Maurizio can fix/replace it rather than return it to Massdrop for a refund.
I am however now a little nervous about the other two Grifos pens I have on order.
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Hello, as explained you through private emails what you call "dents" are in true the warranty stamps that grant you on the purity of the precious metal used and also that we are enrolled into Italian silversmith association. They are compulsory and e must put it on each silver piece we produce. Again is a warranty for you customers not a defect. Only throughout you could be sure indeed the pen is silver made and you could forward this warranty in the chance you will sell it. We have take care of you in private mode and this is to update other people which read this. Regards from Italy. Maurizio
You did agree to replace the cap (which also had a scratch) but not the section, so I agree that you did help there (although the person I was communicating with seemed abrupt to the point of being borderline rude). Where I do not agree is that the silver stamps need to look like someone hit the pen with a hammer!
Without prompting, just about everyone I have shown this pen to has commented on it.
I have several of your other pens (and ones from other manufacturers) that have a silver stamp and they look fine. It would make much more sense to put the stamp somewhere discreet rather than right in the middle of the cap and section (or find a way to apply the stamp with less force).
I generally like the designs and quality of your company's pens (love my Galuchat!), so this is not a criticism of Grifos, just this specific pen.
Hello! Welcome to this new run!
As usual I will more then glad to answer at any question you may have about this handmade solid silver fountain pen. Best regards from Aosta Valley, Italy Maurizio
what kind of refill ink cartridges does it fit?
Hello, all our fountain pens (this one as well) arrive you with converter refilling mechanism inside, but you could use it with international standard cartridge as well (same of Watermann or Pelikan or many other brands as well). It is the very very common cartridge type you could find anywhere in the world as well as over internet. By the way we always put a box of these cartridges inside the pen gift box as little gift so you will be able to write with them immediately. Always at your disposal! Best regards from Italy Maurizio Stura
I recently received my pen, and I just wanted to share how much I enjoy this pen. There are some comments across different user forums about the nib reliability, and I just wanted to say mine is outstanding, very much enjoying it.
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Correct! This pen have a Bock nib. Regards Maurizio
Hi. I have a medium nib. With regards to line weight it is slightly less than a Pelikan broad I was using before. I am not a fan of fine or extra fine nibs and use pens for writing reflective pieces or taking notes during a meeting. Pleas note this pen is not designed to be posted. I carry this pen in my pocket every day and has been very dependable.
Quite the discount from $1 MSRP
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~$300 makes a lot more sense!