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Grip & Stitch Free Motion Quilting Bundle

Grip & Stitch Free Motion Quilting Bundle

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Traction Where You Need It

Take control of your quilt with the Grip & Stitch free-motion quilting bundle. It includes the Grip & Stitch disks and the Supreme Slider. Made from high-density foam, the disks have a double-sided design for use on different types of fabric. The large left-hand disk works great for controlling your quilt, while the smaller right-hand disk allows you to adjust and guide the fabric through the machine. Finally, the Supreme Slider has a tacky underside that adheres directly to your sewing machine and a slippery top that helps your fabric glide across. 


Grip & Stitch

  • Material: High-density foam
  • Double sided
  • Large left-hand disk
  • Small right-hand disk
  • Weight for pair: 1.6 oz (45.3 g)

Supreme Slider

  • Material: Teflon
  • Tacky back
  • Fits on most sewing machines
  • Reusable
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 17 in (29.2 x 43.1 cm)


  • Grip & Stitch disks
  • Supreme Slider


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