Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit (Set of 5)search

Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit (Set of 5)

Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit (Set of 5)

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5 Guilds Take to the Battlefield

Guild Kits let Ravnica fans show their pride for their favorite guild. Using cards and mechanics from MTG’s three separate stays in Ravnica, the kits are a collection of new and old. In addition to a 60-card deck, each kit comes with a guild deck box, five double-sided tokens, a guild-themed insert, and more. There’s also a foil Planeswalker card you can’t find anywhere else. This drop includes representation from all guilds, from the nature-conscious Selesnya Conclave to the vengeance-bent, underworld-friendly Golgari Swarm.

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Specs (Each Kit)

  • Ready-to-play 60-card deck, based on one of Guilds of Ravnica's 5 guilds
  • Spindown life counter
  • Official guild pin
  • Guild symbol sticker
  • Insert with mission instructions


  • Selesnya Kit
  • Golgari Kit
  • Dimir Kit
  • Izzet Kit
  • Boros Kit


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