G.O.R. Planeswalker Decks (2-Pack)search

G.O.R. Planeswalker Decks (2-Pack)

G.O.R. Planeswalker Decks (2-Pack)

Where's the price?
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"Note: This drop is a preorder; the set will not be released until October 5." October?? as in 2019??
Just lazy Massdrop editor. Scroll down to the shipping date of the product:  Dec 11, 2018 PT
$20 = 4 packs + 2 PW decks, so basically $4 for the PW decks themselves assuming $4/pack pricing (which is a bit high) so, not the worst deal around, especially at $10 each versus the standard $15 each retail
I will never buy Planeswalker decks. Ever. They are expensive trash.

For more information see what the Professor has to say about it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH3rF9GdBv0
I'd recommend holding off on this type of product until the deck list becomes known. Wizards rarely put cards of value into these kinds of decks.
The Product Images say TWO boosters per PW Deck, but the description says ONE Which is correct?
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thats obviously what it means, but thats NOT the question:
" Included
  • 2 Planeswalker Decks, each of which includes:
  • Guilds of Ravnica booster pack"

Says that it includes ONE PACK - but the Box Visual/Packaging says it comes with TWO Packs per PW deck - So the question is, does it come with 1 Booster or 2 Boosters per PW Deck?
Each Planeswalker Deck includes 2 Guilds of Ravnica booster packs, as advertised in the Product Image.
Unless a Massdrop representative explicitly says otherwise, we can expect Planeswalker Decks ordered through this drop to come with 2 booster packs EACH.