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I can confirm they should be labelled "for kids" ^__^ (Titan Mercury)
Worth an Expectation vs Reality meme.

Just got the glasses, it is too small.
I've been looking for a new pair of sunglasses to go with my contacts, are these strong against sunlight? I have a pair of transition lens eyeglasses and I still wind up squinting during the daytime.
Similar to another comment, I bought the Titans. They are a great size......for my four year old.
I just bought the Micron Dark Grey, does it have UVA, UVB, and UVC protection from the sun? or should I cancel my purchase?
For those who might be interested, I got a set of the Titans, and while I like the style and construction, they are way too small for my head. So if your hat size is L-XL, they won't be a good fit.
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I know, thanks ;) If it's really too small for me, it will be a nice gift for a friend, so I'll be happy with my purchase either way.
That is a really good plan!
FYI - Gunnar FAQs state that NONE of their lenses are polarized. The drop should probably get corrected.
There are multiple types of UV, so I wonder if it blocks all of them or not... hmmm I may need to cancel drop sadly.
What exactly the "Asian fit compatible" feature in the Gunar Razer means?
dont know why im hare
Yeeesss, they added Titans! Been looking to replace my aging pair for a while. Now I can get both colors for less than the price of one!
Just to report mine delivered Nov 20 today to Australia- NSW for $42.74. Avoided paying 50% extra had the purchase been made from Gunnar direct [thanks to their deep discount canceled out by steep International delivery charges!$30]!

Only it turns out Massdrop, in this event dispatched(? contrary to the Packing Slip+copies Invoices) Computer Eyewear-Vinyl Onyx or to me, rather than the amongst advertised models Eyewear Outdoor Micron Dark Ale So that was at odds. From gunnar website they'd appear to want $70plus for indoor mode models currently; and for where I use a primary pair I can get by with such a no-darker enhancement.

As suggested in discussion, non polarised generic shades performed this through blocked light already *blue light no exception.
But I am impressed with my newer eyewear. Solid construction, quality design, eliminates irritating blue (but most appreciably at night) and good to read that it too blocks 100% UV to suit overcast/outdoor.
These are like $25 on their website.
Just another on the materials. Polycarbonate only can pass through visible light but bends blue light at a steeper angle vs red light thus the corner of the glasses will look a bit shifted if you focus on it too much.
wow, this is a weird product. Sunglasses for a computer... couldn't you just reduce the screen brightness ?
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Well, you right about that, but if you work with multiple computers, like programmers and network admins do, it's gonna be hell of a work to go through each one of those monitors trying to reduce the brightness.
Moreover, these glasses do ore than just reduce the brightness, they also magnify the view screen as well as enhance the color when gaming.
They're just sunglasses that happen to be made by a company that also makes computer eyewear.
I really love my Gunnar computer-glasses. Wish these outdoor models had Polaroid to reduce horizontal glares. I don't drive without Polaroids anymore. They are great for fishing, too. You can see what's beneath the surface more clearly.
I think you mean "polarised", and I don't see any that get this treatment. What a waste :( who wants to continuously see their eyes reflected back?!?