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Holly cow---these things are flying out the door!
For what it's worth for those wondering about the sound quality of recent Gustard products, I took a chance (given the relative limited # of exposure/high end comparison reviews) on the 'matching' H20 amp referenced below, and have been pleasantly surprised (after a slightly longer than expected break in - or brain adjustment as you prefer, not wanting to have that discussion today/here).

So I would encourage others not to discount the sound quality of at least the more recent Gustard products _too_ quickly. (Reliability is another question - I agree there is some reason for caution, but it seems to being improving or have improved, but we'll see how that plays out for the newer Gustard products.)

On the other hand, this model doesn't have the latest dual 9038 tech (like the LKS for exampleMH-DA004 - not that that will automatically sound better, but the some reviews have been good), or lowest price like the Schiit or even Airist, and again, not a lot of high-end comparison reviews that I have found.

So, for those who may have actually heard the competition in this price range (or higher), would anyone be able to, and care to compare the sound quality, or point to good comparisons?
I have an A20h. Really great sound, even compared to my yggy/jot combo. But we're apparently supposed to be hating on this brand for no apparent reason, so what do i know...
MD should really work harder to bring this to lower price. Everyone knows that this isn't worth 900 USD, especially when there isn't even a worthy warranty. This should sell for at maximum of 550USD or lower. There are just so many good DACs on market if you have 900USD.
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Ya my go to is currently the Topping most of the time, Chord Mojo+Poly for semi-portable stuff. I have SMSL Panda stack for my computer and the m9xx for work and the FIIO X7II for true portable. But the difference between most is noticeable but not easy for me to discern.

The best combo I've heard that blew my mind (not including Sennheiser HE-1) was the Chord Dave + LCD 4s and that was without another AMP. But that's many thousands worth of an upgrade at this point.
I have some isine20 + Fiio 5 for portable listening also can pair with ipod with DSP cable for EQ tweaks sounds quite nice. For planners I'm current debating Audeze LCD's vs Mr Speakers Ethers vs Hifiman HE's various models, I've heard various Ether's and LCD's, need to dig into HE's now. I like the LCD's and Ether's favoring Ethers a tiny bit. I'll need to wait for another camjam, audio show or even better go to audio store and do comparisons on the same stack of equipment.
2nd drop run had started, but not a single reply on warranty details...
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Usually Massdrop would help you solve the problem. Don't worry too much.
Yes, you should only worry about $800 worth.
I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole.
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I didn't post the WA7 to show off. Its a piece of architecture, and hence the photo. I guess I could start posting like I do on Instagram, but this really isn't the forum for such. And I'll leave it at that.

And hope it helped some SchrodinStein

Very helpful! You've given me quite a lot to think about and to audition. Thank you.
That outdated USB interface suggests me to skip it.
Anyone know more about the implementation of the digital volume control? This is a sticking point for me as I am looking for decent pre-amp ability as well as DAC and most digital volume implementations are craptastic at best. Any comparisions to the PSAudio Stellar GC or Benchmark DAC3 would also be appreciated.
When is the X30 coming out?
This just came out last fall, slow down, lol.
There's rumor for X22Pro or X30 or what ever this November. just take it as a grain of salt.
When is the X30 coming out?
This just came out last fall, slow down. lol.
Does this product comes with warranty?