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Gustard U12 USB Interface

Gustard U12 USB Interface

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U12 Design and Features

If you're looking to take your DAC to the next level, the Gustard U12 USB Interface is a killer product designed to do just that. Packed with independent linear power, the Gustard U12 is a USB digital interface that uses a 32Bit/384kHz 8­core XMOS chip. The unit comes with coaxial RCA, optical fiber, AES/EBU, and I2S (HDMI port) outputs, making it reliable, solid performer that effortlessly pairs with your existing equipment.

At checkout, choose between the 110V and 220V versions.


  • Gustard
  • Built­in smart switch
  • Two 0.1PPM precision crystal 45.1584M 49.1520M
  • International voltage: AC115V/230V
  • DSD support 128, PCM supports 384K
  • Aluminum chassis
  • XMOS ­ U8 chip, support 32BIT / 500MIPS
  • Outputs: Coaxial RCA, optical fiber, AES/EBU, and IIS (HDMI port) outputs


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