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Gustard U12 USB Interface

Gustard U12 USB Interface

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Anyone knows how to use this with the xDuoo TA-02 Tube Amp? What type of connection?
You can't. Please read the description...or even the title, and look at the I/O connections for each unit.

This is a USB interface, as in an interface between a USB output and DAC input (AES, coax, I2S, optical). This is a purely digital interface, and will still require a DAC and amp downstream before output to speakers/headphones/monitors.

Conversely, the xDuoo TA-02 is a purely analog interface, and will require a DAC upstream to convert a digital signal to analog for amplification.

If you are trying to connect your headphone amp to a digital source, you need to be looking for a DAC first, not a USB interface/DI.
Was hoping to pair this with Schiit Wyrd for a poor-man's Offramp 5. I want to use the U12 i2S output to my PWD Mk I to Mk II. Looks like we ain't gonna make it to the cheapest drop though. Will probably borrow one then or nab one used.
IIRC, the U12 pulls power from the transformer, not the USB, so I'm not sure how much gain you would get from the Wyrd.

In any case, if the drop doesn't work out, check eBay. Standard new price from Hong Kong is only $150 shipped - any ebay bucks.
Thanks, Ninja!
Sorry, but I just can't figure out when something like this would be needed. Could someone explain? Thanks
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What are you connecting to the lineouts? Unless it's a dedicated power amp or active monitors/sub with hard to access/independent/no volume controls, I would pull the line out from the DAC.
Using the udac2 I connect the RCA outs to my powered M-Audio AV40's. There is also a coaxial S/PDIF output. On the front of the udac is a 3.5mm headphone jack. So I guess I would need the line outs for the H10.
Wait a sec, so if this is not a DAC and is really a DDC, then what's w/ the AES (XLR) output? Can you use this to output from computer to a studio monitor speaker setup?? If it's DDC then no, right? I should've just bought the X12...
Yes, this is just a USB interface/DI. You will need an actual DAC to get an analog signal out to feed to your speakers/monitors. If you like Gustard, why didn't you jump on the X12 drop? In any case, there are still several current DAC drops still going on. The DACMini is a good option if you don't need DSD, while the M8 will decode DSD like the X12. Didn't see anything with XLR outs for monitors though...

The AES output may use an XLR connection, but it is still a digital signal (2-channel PCM). There's no way to output a balanced stereo analog signal on a 3-pin XLR.
After the Gustard H10 and X12 drops, I was wondering when the U12 would show up...

Although the Massdrop warranty may be worth it to some people, after tax and shipping, this works out to be $10 more than new pricing on eBay shipped from Hong Kong. (and that's only if we get 8 more in on the drop)
I wasn't very happy with my Gustard U12. Thought the SQ was pretty far behind Audio-GD's DI.
Gustard = cheap parts and unsophisticated schematics = inexpensive HiFi for masses.

Audio-GD = years of research, unique build and design = real excellence.
Please, please do stop trolling and spreading generalized FUD. There are plenty people saying exact same thing about Audio-gd that you say about Gustard, there is even term 'snake oil' stuck to them (there is also opinion that their products north of $1k are great, but rest are at best 'meh').
As for me, I am agnostic and trust my ears only - got Gustard H10 headphone amp and Audio-gd Precision 1 speaker amp and they both excel in what they do. And I think they both are excellent value.
SO close. Just needs a 1/4 inch for headphones
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You do realize this just translates a digital USB signal into other digital signals, right? It is not a DAC.
Thanks for the info!
MD, please find a way to lower the best price $10 or kill the shipping to the US and I'm in.
agreed, not much of a deal here. I was hoping to grab 2
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