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Gypsy Sit Upon Seat Cushion

Gypsy Sit Upon Seat Cushion

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Take a Seat

A workspace essential for the avid crafter, the Gypsy Sit Upon Seat Cushion makes long quilting and sewing sessions more comfortable and bearable. Made from durable purple rubberized material, the air-inflated cushion is designed to prevent fatigue, reduce pressure on the tailbone, relieve lower back pain, strengthen core muscles, and improve posture.

Gypsy Sit Upon Seat Cushion
Gypsy Sit Upon Seat Cushion
Gypsy Sit Upon Seat Cushion

Design and Function

One side of the cushion features a smooth surface for long lasting comfort, while the other side is texturized to allow cooling airflow and enhance blood circulation. The cushion can also be used in the car for long commutes. The Sit Upon Seat Cushion fits most chairs and should be used with a protective cloth barrier when used with wooden chairs.

Gypsy Sit Upon


  • Gypsy
  • Rubberized material
  • Air-inflated
  • Thickness: 2 in
  • Diameter: 13 in
  • Use protective cloth barrier when paired with wooden chairs


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