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once again B01 is not available this is why I requested this drop again
The default option 1 isn't even available..
No option 8 available? I
I wonder why options 1 and 8 are not available in the selection menu.
If option 1 where to be made available i would also purchase it.
I got my Santoku and have been using it for a while. It is truly a piece of artwork and handy. Obviously better than those I found in a supermarket (I won't tell you its name, sorry).
knives arrived a couple days ago and alt they are very good looking I am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the blades as they have a slight bend in them which is really frustrating on a knife of this price. I am including photos where you can see both the nakiri and the gyuto have a slight curve along the length of the blade.

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I was able to return them for a refund.
Very happy to hear that was the outcome!

Without knowing you, or your experience, some new users are talked into accepting some crazy stuff and chalking it up to "normal inconsistencies in forged blades ". I'm glad to see that wasn't the case here.

Have seen the attempts myself first hand twice.
Once with something that was cheap enough that it wasn't worth shipping back, so I just used it for grinding and patina practice....but was told basically it happens, I can try fixing it myself if I want, but it's not a flaw (bent blade AND core steel was so badly misaligned there was barely anything but cladding at the tip) ūüôĄ

And then an obvious grind issue on a $250+ knife from a very well known company, where the heel was over-ground, leaving about 2" unable to contact the board without forcing past the flat of the belly. For that one they tried telling me it was intentional, so the heel won't dig the board.....only it wasn't like this on anyone else's knife that I talked to. When I pushed they said I could sharpen it out, but I wasn't about to take over a mm of this brand new knife, so I pushed harder and had it returned.

Just a PSA to fellow MDers, always be wary if your gut tells you something is off, and utilize the help that's out there in the forums if you need it
*psa* I am completely new to knives and know nothing.

What's so special about the atsu deba that makes it so much more expensive than the vast majority of the other knives?
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Thank you! That was very helpful!
That's not a weld, I don't know what everyone is talking about but this is not a weld, the knife is made out of the one metal piece .
I have never ever seen any manufacturer that makes the blade out of a square metal sheet and then welds a tang, this does not make any scene, how will u sharp the knife? with what you'll hold it to work on it ?

No one would ever compromise a small piece of metal for convenience and easy work, at some point you'll have to work more time because you are missing a handle which is like 2$ of metal, this will lead to extra effort and time put in making a knife without a handle, cost efficient will be lost because you'll need to have extra tools and use specifically hard methods to forge a knife where you can't have a grip on it to work on it.
If you don't understand it,The knife is suppose to look rough, that is the theme, it is artistic at one point

watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4CRH8CO4X0
if you really want to know why it looks like a weld, that is because its one piece of metal which one part of it is hammered heavily to make an extra long piece for the handle - that's a "Tang".
1:27 is the point where the tang is being made.
I'll give one last reply here, as I didn't see this post until just now.
I do understand the purpose/appeal of a kurouchi finish, I've owned half a dozen or so... but what we're seeing in the product images here don't look anything as close to as nice as the one in the pic you provided. Nothing wrong with that finish at all!

I know not everyone agrees, and that's fine, but I still think there's more than just hammer marks on some of the pics I've seen. Just my opinion.
And again, I'm not saying they're made by welding a tang on, the conversation got derailed into that. (And I don't mean any offense, but you're wrong about that being something that is NEVER done by anyone, you just are. It's been seen and discussed plenty, but as I said before, in stamped and material removal methods, not fully forged blades) But that's still not to say it might not be a repair. Metals warp and crack from time to time, it's a fact of smithing, the question is what the smith does with it when that happens.
Some will discard the blade, some will sell them as seconds, some will just sell them as is at full retail.
I know in my head that a GOOD weld on the tang of a kitchen knife is stronger than any pressure were going to put on it, and in the grand scheme means nothing.....but you won't ever see me pay full price for one, if i buy it at all.

I'm also familiar with the video you posted. I own a gyuto made by that man....he knows how to make an excellent knife at a better price point than the ones we're talking about here. I will gladly be buying more of his work in the future
I don't own this knife, but the blade is not "spot welded" to the tang. They are trying to sell a traditional japanese kitchen knife who's appeal comes from the appearance and use of traditional techniques to manufacture. Welding a blade to the tang is not traditional--it's not even something I've seen on anything besides the cheapest rambo style hollow handle knives. The tang is forged into a partial rat tail tang by repeatedly hammering the mild steel into this shape. Power hammers and even angle grinders might be used to obtain the final shape of the blade and tang, but spot welding is not something I have seen done on any japanese kitchen knife in this price range.
This is something that haven't been done by anyone, you can't call something a tang when u weld it, the meaning of tang is having the same metal piece forged into a handle and a blade together.
An article I found online, looks like a double bevel and blue #2
I see a lot of discussion debated the quality of specific parts of these knives. Can anyone just give a general yes no to whether or not this is a good deal? I am thinking of buying it for someone who is relatively new to cooking and has never had a "real" kitchen knife before. Would the chefs knife be good for its price?
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If you're interested in this style, Tosa made knives should be able to be found for almost $100 less than this Chroma offering. Typically has a rep of being quite rustic and roughly finished unless one mods it.
Fearwater5 110% excellent advice right there from Shenanigans.
Jon at JKI is an amazing guy to work with, if you tell to him what you're situation is he will sell you what you need, not what he can make the most money off of. Have bought both stones and knives from him and never been dissatisfied in the slightest
Have you ever held a traditional Japanese handle where the ferrule and handle were not flush? Good then you already know how absolutely terrible it feels to hold.

Haven't held a traditional Japanese handle where the ferrule and handle were not flush? Trust me, you don't want to.
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This is wrong, no one would ever weld a knife to the tang .
You can't compromise the most weak point of a knife for lowing cost of manufacturing, beside making a tang by itself and then welding it adds more work which will lead for extra effort and time and even more special tools to put into work to make the knife, this is just stupid.
It is like scratching you left ear with you right hand .
Well, it's all just speculation based off inadequate pictures, short of holding one in our hands we'll never know for sure.

But, just for the sake of clarification: what had initially made me think weld was that if you look at all the pics of the Yasai-Giri the discoloration is visible in the same area on both sides of the blade, in a sort of vertical rectangle of a shape, distinctly different in shape and size from any of the other hammer/forging marks on the rest of the blade(s).
And googling brings up similar marks found in other pictures, but not all, and always only in the area where the tang and blade meet. If it were just hammer marks we would see that pattern somewhere else along the blade

And I agree that it would be an unusual extra (intentional) step on a forged knife, which is why my original comment had been that I thought it was a repair, until we got into the whole 'are tangs sometimes welded on?' discussion.
It's certainly a common enough area to get warping during the forging/heat treating/quenching process... And it wouldn't be the first time i've heard of a tang cracking when trying to straighten a bend in it.
Which then comes to a question of do you weld to repair or discard the blade and write off that piece of inventory?

Again, it's just all theoretical, for the sake of conversation at this point, especially since the drop has ended. But their entire site is full of more marketing jargon then actual info, and even on their site you can't get a decent resolution picture, or a view of the blade entering the handle or a choil shot to show the grinds, or info on the bevel types, etc, etc, etc......
I still think if they want these kinds of prices for a blade you can't hold before buying, they need to put more effort into providing detailed info/pics and less effort on creative writing and buzz words.

Would love to see a review from someone who actually owns one, or has access to see a large selection of them in person

Edit : my mistake, I thought the drop had ended but see it still has half a day.
Anyway, I'm bowing out of this conversation. It's gone from a simple comment of saying it looked like I was seeing a weld, to way more in depth defending than any of us should feel the need for for knives we don't own and only have crappy pictures of.
For those who actually joined the drop, i genuinely hope I'm misinterpreting the low-res images and would love to hear what people think when they physically have them in hand