Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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This is too real.
Say hello to Dr.Click guys!
Ooh. Subtle yet Nice!
If anyone is looking to sell their kit i Missed the gb :/
Looking to pick up a set. If anyone is looking to let theirs go. I am not picky of which variation you got. Hit me up on here or reddit /u/Xyzac_01
Was tracking this but totally missed out on this. WTB a set from someone who would want to back out. Super sad :(
message direct or reddit/u/type93rara
Didn't have enough money at the time, but am now looking for a Greek Tulip set! If anyone has buyer's remorse just hit me up ;)
Looking for an OG Tulip if anyone doesn't want. :(
I don't suppose it's too late to modify our order?
Didn't have the funds when the GB launched so here we go...

WTB 1 set (pref APL ANSI)

Thanks for supporting us everyone!
Btw, we chose four people from my friends and people who took part in our IC discussion as the taste testers of Dr.Click.
They can get an one-off which is gonna match their BSP caps.
I will post their caps later.

PS: Binge is going to make some stuffs for this BSP drop, keep an eye on him.
Very excited for this drop. I hope we see more BSP colorways in the future. Would love a cyrillic set.
Can't wait for my set.
Still on the fence on this but want to join because of all the praise I've heard about BSP and OG Dyesubs. How do these match up against something like EnjoyPBT and GMK in terms of typing feel and sound? I'm thinking the difference is subtle, but I'm still interested in knowing how they're superior. Why do you guys personally like BSP/OG Dyesubs better versus the other popular Cherry profile options?
170 bucks for keycaps... I like mechanical keyboards too but come on people. You're being taken advantage of. The only reason a set of keycaps can be this overpriced is because so many of you put up with it. You shouldn't. Then you'd be able to buy keycaps that are just as nice as these for actual sane prices.
Tell that to all the people eating meat saying "well if everyone was a vegetarian then my decision would actually matter but that won't happen so pass me another happy meal" or the people that still don't recycle in 2018 "because it takes too many people unwilling to change to save our world/preserve the climate".

You can't expect people to just randomly stop "putting up with overpriced caps". Firstly, overpriced is subjective. Secondly, it's not gonna happen. If the next GMK set sold 1000 units instead of 2000 they'd still run a set after that, and a set after that set, and so on and so forth.

Either you put up or you miss out. It's up to you to accurately judge which decision is the correct one for each of you individually.
I cannot believe this drop doesn't have more joins. It's Hammer and BSP. Those two names go way back in the keyboard community, and the fact that they make a return with such delicious icons, and with a throwback to the designs BSP was made famous with, should fetch more drops.
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As much as some of us love mech boards (I have paid up to 600 bucks for a keyboard once), I would have to pay 270 dollars to get the APL set, icon mods, RGB caps and ... why not, one of those artisans. I love my boards, but that is just... insane for keycaps *only*. I can pay that, and have paid more than that, for complete *keyboards*. Just for keycaps? No, thanks.

Oh, and the fact that this only supports winkeyless doesn’t really help either.
old guys in GH