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Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hi friends, As you guys may know, the orders for the Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set were cancelled due to a logistics issue that we encountered with the drop. This resulted in everyone’s transaction in the drop being cancelled and your payment being refunded. After a bit of work with our engineering team, we were able to find a way to have you rejoin the Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set/ Dr. Click drops. Our workaround was to make it so that the drop orders all registered as failed payments, which will allow you to go back into your transaction to re-submit your payment info to get added back in and have your payment charged. This option will have a cutoff of November 9th, 2018, so make sure that you rejoin by that date if you still want your order. If you are interested in re-joining the drop, please follow these directions: 1. First head over to your Massdrop Transactions page here: https://www.massdrop.com/transactions On your Transactions page, you should see a notification that says “The following payment may require your attention __”. 2. Underneath that banner,  you’ll see your transaction for the Hammer BSP Classic Beige PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set. At the bottom of the order summary will be a red “Payment Error”. Please click there, where it says “ Retry Payment”
3. This will direct you to a new page which has your options that you selected when you made your initial order. *IMPORTANT: PLEASE DON’T MAKE ANY EDITS TO YOUR ORDER OPTIONS AT THIS TIME. THE SHIPMENT HAS ALL ALREADY BEEN PREPARED, ANY EDITS MADE NOW MAY RESULT IN YOUR ORDER BEING UNFULFILLABLE. 4. Please scroll to the bottom of the order page to the payment options section, and fill in your payment option info.
5. Once you’ve filled in the payment info, please click on the green “Join” button, and you will be back in the drop!

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Hello! So sorry to hear about what happened! We get a ton of notifications a day and this one was totally missed on my side. I can get in touch w/ Hammer and his team to see if we can ship you your order.
@XiK I'd love to know how I can receive my package. I assume it should bounce back to the sender if it cannot be delivered and nobody feels like paying for it. When that happens can someone finally slap the correct address on and send it to me? Who can I get in contact with?
Any update to orders with child kits like the RGB kits? Everyone else seems to be getting their, and we dont even have tracking.
Looking for OG Tulip and Hebrew Green sets. Willing to offer APL set.
Any updates for those with larger orders with child kits?
also curious
And update on this would be great.
If anyone ones to sell me an og tulip I'm here
apl better sonnn
Fite me
if anyone wants to sell their Arabic set, let me know.
Looking to buy APL from someone! /u/pulseforce
Content me on Geekhack if you get a crooked stem or missing keys, I will send you a new one.
here's some pics....https://imgur.com/a/6GAZxIA
Just wanted to remark that the set in the keyboard above the one with CRP Hebrew Green is CRP OG Tulip. You should not call these BSP anymore, as BSP is not the one making the keycaps. The official name that Hammer decided on is CRP = Classic Re-issue Profile.
Just got this set and wow. You guys nailed it. Compared it to another, older BSP set and its like there was a seamless transition from old to new, with none of the entailing drama having effected the quality of the keycaps and printing, at all. For those who stayed in, curious to hear your thoughts. But both sets were perfect. Well done, Xik and Hammer/ guys.
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not sure, wish I knew.
how does the set feel to you compared to og dyesubs or epbt?
Looking to buy OG Tulip set!
Looking to buy a hebrew set (any color) from someone. Happy holidays!
Got shipping notification! Can't wait :D
How was your shipping notification sent to you? I'm still waiting on mine but not sure where to look.
@XiK I had trouble with my payment a few weeks back. I tried to rejoin the drop around 7PM PST on the final day of the re-join window but by then it had already closed prematurely. I messaged support immediately after realizing this, and after a few messages back and forth I was told that it was a flaw in their system and it wasn't supposed to close until 11PM PST on that day. In our conversation, they told me there was no way for them to add me back into the drop, however, because the order had already been submitted to the vendor. At that point, I messaged Hammer directly on geekhack in hopes of there being some way to get the sets that I have been patiently waiting for since Spring. He said to first try and reach out to you directly to see if there is anything you can do on the Massdrop side of things. I didn't want to have to make a post on the public group buy page because it didn't feel pertinent to other buyers necessarily, but after speaking with support once again they said that this was the only way to get into contact with you directly. So after a few weeks of messaging back and forth on several different channels, I am here asking if it's not too late to be added back into the drop (as I understand nothing has shipped on from Massdrop yet)? Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued support through this process. ​
@XiK Just tagging you again, as I've heard shipping is going on. Thank you again.
Buying an arabic set! Let me know if you want to sell yours.
My brother also flew to my place to help me, so I can finish them on time:) Here's some details of CRP APL

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Hammer likely means the caps shipped were to Massdrop. Massdrop is responsible for fulfillment.
Either way, this means we'll be getting our keysets soon, right? If so, this is great.
Any update about production or shipping?
This is too real.
Say hello to Dr.Click guys!
Ooh. Subtle yet Nice!
Dear Customers,
It’s with great regret to inform you that as of this time the group-buy from BSP is cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused everyone involved. If you are affected please take the time to read the following details of our situation and our plans moving forward.
Our intention to run a BSP group-buy to the end has always been a top priority, and we can only hope the following explanation will help to detail how this buy has failed. In February of this year our team used a broker to develop relations with BSP Asia, Logicalkeyboard, to provide us with blank keycaps for our group-buy projects including single 1u caps. With our brokered relationship with BSP appearing secure we proposed our first group-buy for high quality PBT dyesub reissues of classic Cherry keycaps. The reception of this group-buy was very popular and we quickly procured samples of a dyesub product through our contacts. After posting the sample images our group-buy expanded globally. We were encouraged by the public reception of our samples and excited to offer these high quality sets. The months which followed became a nightmare which ultimately lead us to today.
After collecting all the orders from all of our vendors globally and submitted documentation through our broker we received no response. We began to seek further clarity and reached out to BSP, Logicalkeyboard, directly. When direct communication was finally accomplished we were told PBT keycaps are no longer an item which can be ordered . We really wanted to make this work for everyone - the members, Massdrop and the design of the keycaps.After all, BSP keycaps is one of the most authentic cherry sets for keyboard enthusiasts. In the end, after long sessions of communication our offers to increase the MOQ, and even offers to purchase the molding from Logicalkeyboard were ultimately ignored. We feel a great deal of remorse and guilt in cancelling this group-buy. We were unable to reissue caps or save the old original Cherry pbt mold. As we have come to know, BSP sublimation keycap production is very expensive outside of Europe. Changing international trade climate high postage and tariffs between Europe to Asia makes reopening relationships impossible. While we are apologetic we also have a plan to resolve this problem in the long term.
We are launching a new product we will call H(ammer)SP. Our goal is to retool and improve upon the best features of what made BSP keycaps a true legacy product. For those who wish to remain in our group buy we are offering two complete the sets of HSP for each set of BSP ordered; one set for your original order, another will be the never-sold Cyrillic or Hebrew dye-subbed set. The Hebrew and Cyrillic sets will be distributed randomly, For example, if an Arabic set was ordered a customer would receive either a Cyrillic or Hebrew set in addition to the Arabic. The difference in between the original order and HSP is the keycaps will not be made by BSP. We will also offer refunds for anyone in the group buy who would like it, please reach out to Massdrop Support for the refund/cancellation
The HSP keycaps are similar to the BSP in profile, feeling, and color. In addition to doing our best to recreate these qualities we have improved the following defects we felt were not a feature of the product:
  • Normalizing R4 height to Cherry standard while retaining the BSP R5 standard.
  • ISO layout support.
  • WK layout support.
  • 6U, 6.25U, 7U pbt spacebar support.
  • A variety of four homing key molds: bars, scoops, dots and no homing.
This announcement has not come without a considerable effort from team Hammer to fix the issue before causing a problem for enthusiasts. We have already completed the injection molding, finish, and production proofing. The performance of our manufacturing is very satisfying testers who work closely with Team Hammer. By moving to the city which the injection factory is located we have had a hand in adjusting the fit and finish of the products coming out of our custom molds.
To be clear about our plans for production after completing our duty to existing customers we will have four sets planned for regular release: Original Tulip \ Tulip GK \ APL \ Arabic. Our price for future group-buys will be announced soon and set a new standard for affordable quality.
Team Hammer


# Thank Binge for helping proofreading!
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@XiK Hey guys! Sorry if this has been asked before but I had a question.
If you had more then 1 order of BSP in the original drop, do you get that many equivalent free sets?
1 BSP order = total of 2 HSP 2 BSP order (within the same transaction) = total of 4 HSP 3 BSP order = total of 6 HSP
I ask because some people ordered 3 BSP keysets. HSP keysets are around $95 in the China GB happening right now so the "free" set is really just because HSP is that much cheaper vs the $180 or so we paid per BSP keyset. So if they ordered 3 keysets, they should received 3 "free" keysets.
If this is not how it works, can those people modify their orders to only 1 keyset? So they originally ordered 3, get refunded for 2 sets, and stay in the drop for 1 set (but still get their free set) or will they have to cancel entirely?
Any update? BTW, since these sets are now HSP, would it be possible to just the receive the sets I ordered but with a 50% discount plus discounts for any add-ons no longer available?
Edit: Never mind. I see my questions were previously answered.
New Update 10/29/2018! #After group discussion, we are going to give up the name HSP and replace it with Binge's idea – 🐟CRP ( Classical Reissue Profile ). #In order to prevent you from getting the same sets, we decided to make them correspond one by one. BSP Tulip OG -> CRP Tulip OG + CRP Hebrew Green BSP Tulip GK -> CRP Tulip GK + CRP Hebrew Blue BSP Arabic -> CRP Arabic + CRP Cyrillic ( Moscow Night ) BSP APL -> CRP APL + CRP JIPink ( Sakura Rain ) And here they are CRP Tulip OG
CRP Tulip GK
CRP Arabic
CRP Hebrew Green Limited
CRP Hebrew Blue Limited
CRP Cyrillic Limited ( Moscow Night )
CRP JIPink Limited ( Sakura Rain )
Have a nice day! Yours Hammer
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This looks like it's being made. Will there be extras? I'd love to join the buy
Since I'm in for OG Tulip, I'll be getting Green Hebrew, which I don't really want. If there's any way to change this or if there's anyone out there who wants to trade for it, please pm me. /u/pulseforce
Does anyone know what really happened to get it cancelled and refunds issued?
Limited Cyrillic or Hebrew set is canceled too?
Everything is cancelled.
And after waiting 6 months I get nothing. Thanks Massdrop.
RIP BSP. And now, I guess, RIP HSP? Came here expecting some kind of update on why we all just got refunded, but doesn't seem to be anything. What's up, Massdrop and Team Hammer?
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Yeah honestly don't know what's going on. Could they please have some kind of announcement as to what's up?
What's really annoying is, it seems like the chinese GB is still going through. I am guessing they couldn't make enough to fill both Chinese and MD orders so they cancelled MD's. Such a clusterf**k of a situation. After waiting this long, changing from BSP to HSP and promising free additional sets, they go and cancel the order randomly. Even after Hammer posted 2 weeks ago that the orders will be shipping soon.
What's the new estimated date for completion on this buy? Any updates?
Sorry for waiting so long, here is the production update! I just get the final sample of the CRP ( Classic Reissue Profile, I used to call it HSP), and I was satisfied with them. There are 6 BSP keys in the picture. Can you find them out?
We will produce them in a week. and we'll send the dyesub sets before November 15th.
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Understand, not questioning the quality of dye sub process, but how the sample plastic takes the dye sub (different plastic texture/surface will impact) and how it will look in the final form :) A close up shot like shown in this thread would be great! https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=74405.50
How do we go from having a Nov 15th ship date update just 2 weeks ago, to the order being fully cancelled now? Wow this GB has been such a clusterF**k!
Updates on production? This drop is painfully quiet. After the failure of BSP I expect much more information to be shared -- we were kept in the dark for 5 months between April and September only to find out BSP didn't even have the blanks to be used.
Massdrop PLEASE do more.
Adding on to this, there hasn't been an update for Dr. Click artisan in a long time either. Estimated shipping date was 2 weeks ago.
Reposting since it's been a week with no answer.
@Hamm3r @XiK @YanboWu
Hey guys! Sorry if this has been asked before but I had a question. If you had more then 1 order of BSP in the original drop, do you get that many equivalent free sets? 1 BSP order = total of 2 HSP 2 BSP order (within the same transaction) = total of 4 HSP 3 BSP order = total of 6 HSP I ask because some people ordered 3 BSP keysets. HSP keysets are around $95 in the China GB happening right now so the "free" set is really just because HSP is that much cheaper vs the $180 or so we paid per BSP keyset. So if they ordered 3 keysets, they should received 3 "free" keysets. If this is not how it works, can those people modify their orders to only 1 keyset? So they originally ordered 3, get refunded for 2 sets, and stay in the drop for 1 set (but still get their free set) or will they have to cancel entirely? Thanks
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Can you answer another related question posted up there: For those who ordered multiple sets, if i chose to stay, is it possible to secure to get at least one of the hebrew + one cyrillic?
Is there any comments as to why this gb was cancelled so suddenly? When just a week or 2 ago hammer was saying everything was on track.
Just a heads up, it appears that Chinese GB is open already, ends on September 30th and delivery date is December 15th. Base set price is 650 RMB (95 USD), 1800 kit is 85 RMB (12 USD), and tulip mod kit is 110 RMB (16 USD)
There will be many changes in details. Chinese dont need ISO but westerners do.