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Hammer Dr. Click Resin Artisan Keycap

Hammer Dr. Click Resin Artisan Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

@Hamm3r I have received the Cream keycap and was greatly disappointed by the colour. This artisan was supposes to be matching for the BSP keycap (which is also the same as GMK 9009 Alpha as mentioned over here https://www.massdrop.com/buy/59521/talk/2042378). But when I first saw it I thought it was way too yellow and comparing it beside the 9009 alpha shows that the colour is definitely off. The quality is great but I would totally not use it if the colour does not match at all. Would totally return this.

Hey that's unfortunate! But that colour looks great to me, and if you want to part with it I would buy it from you!
Can you explain that the order has been cancelled, but you said sent them. Where is my keycap? at least where is my tracking number?
What is the reason for the order being cancelled?
quite sad that this got cancel despite having photos of them being make..
the fuck? so, the package is confirmed lost or what? Or why do I get a refund if there might still be the possibility of it showing up?
Sorry guys I don't know what happened, but we already sent them for several weeks.

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:( We also all got refunded for the BSP/HSP buy. This is a mess.
Yes so sorry for that. And we are working on the new caps these days.
Hey guys, long time no see, I bring you the latest update here! They will be shipped in 5 days. Thanks!
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Same dude, hope whatever went wrong gets figured out and they run another drop.
Mine got cancelled as well. So disappointed by this outcome after this update 2 weeks ago . I think there needs to be a better explanation than "item you ordered has become back-ordered, and we do not know if more inventory will become available." Like what exactly is the reason this get cancelled? Did anyone even received them?
Update? Estimated shipping date is next week.
tranlation : bsp no longer provide blank key now gb is failed and hammer make a new pbt mould by himself called HAMMERSP
Is it the same with this GB and will refuned?
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The Artisan Cap is independent of the BSP though isn't it? I could still use that artisan, as for the Hammer BSP GB, I guess that needs to be resolved with MD and Hammer in regard if this one just gets delayed or if it'll be a new GB?
I think so, too.
Question... How would one go about sharing an idea for a desired artisan keycap? @Hamm3r
A keycap a day keeps the . . . nest egg away
yeah - this keycap is cute, but definitely feels like a bit of a price gouge ~ there are more complex caps on ebay for half this price.

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Haven't been around due to many new life changes/course corrections. :D I will be back hopefully soon. Always good to see you. ;)
One of these days I'll remember to hit you up on Reddit
Samples done!
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According to bsp.
I think this can help you.
Does the cream colour happens to fit the GMK 9009 Alpha?
Thought this will be a good subtle artisan to replace number 3 keycap.
Some photos will be helpful.
It's the same as GMK L9 :)
Great! I am in for one!
why are people paying $25 for a keyboard button............. like serious
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aw true lol!
The artist is making these himself. He's making the design and pouring the resin. This one is pretty simple but some of his other work is more complex. Either way, with the amount of time and skill it takes to create a GOOD artisan keycap I don't think he's making as much profit as you think.
Are these going to be in R1 or R3 profile? The renders appear as though they might be R3 but just wanted to know for sure. Edit: Never mind, they look to be made in R1 if I'm not mistaken.
Even the keycap is not happy at the price?
my max price i can accept for this is $20 shipped
Thanks for letting us know. We can rest easy now.
Please don’t forget it champ, there will be a quiz
If it was buckling spring compatible I would buy this in a second for my old IBM clicky.
$30.00 $24.99!
not even backlit ? the laser artisan was about the same price than this and that was like more than one colour...
Which one? There were a few.
Sorry but the price is to much for something as lame and simple as this this should be like 10-15$ max like ive seen mountain and some other nicely shaped and hard to make keycaps for the same price like C’mon bruh
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Aw man, you should have quit while you were ahead. Now you just look like a bigger tool than the other guys.
I guess :/
This lady's face will haunt my dreams forever.