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Hammer Dr. Click Resin Artisan Keycap

Hammer Dr. Click Resin Artisan Keycap

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Question... How would one go about sharing an idea for a desired artisan keycap? Hamm3r
A keycap a day keeps the . . . nest egg away
yeah - this keycap is cute, but definitely feels like a bit of a price gouge ~ there are more complex caps on ebay for half this price.

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Haven't been around due to many new life changes/course corrections. :D
I will be back hopefully soon. Always good to see you. ;)
One of these days I'll remember to hit you up on Reddit
Samples done!
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According to bsp.
I think this can help you.
Does the cream colour happens to fit the GMK 9009 Alpha?

Thought this will be a good subtle artisan to replace number 3 keycap.

Some photos will be helpful.
It's the same as GMK L9 :)
Great! I am in for one!
why are people paying $25 for a keyboard button............. like serious
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aw true lol!
The artist is making these himself. He's making the design and pouring the resin. This one is pretty simple but some of his other work is more complex. Either way, with the amount of time and skill it takes to create a GOOD artisan keycap I don't think he's making as much profit as you think.
Are these going to be in R1 or R3 profile? The renders appear as though they might be R3 but just wanted to know for sure.
Edit: Never mind, they look to be made in R1 if I'm not mistaken.
Even the keycap is not happy at the price?
my max price i can accept for this is $20 shipped
Thanks for letting us know. We can rest easy now.

Please don’t forget it champ, there will be a quiz