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Hammer Lagoon Artisan Spacebar

Hammer Lagoon Artisan Spacebar

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Tropical Typing

One of the first spacebars made by keycap design house Hammer, the Lagoon Artisan Spacebar resembles, you guessed it, a lagoon: a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by a barrier of islands or reefs. It features small sections of blue peeking through a field of green, which is surrounded by earthy brown to complete the tropical ensemble. The blue sections light up vibrantly when backlit. Made from a combination of resin and real wood, it’s a great way to naturally enhance your favorite board.

Note: At checkout, choose a spacebar size from 6.25U, 6U (Topre), and 7U.  


  • Hammer
  • Material: Resin and wood
  • Compatible with Cherry MX stems or Topre stems (depending on your selection)
  • Height: 11 mm


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