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Hanwag Salt Rock Shoe

Hanwag Salt Rock Shoe

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Same here, ordered 10.5 and received 11.5.
Looked forward to them and they do look nice, but they sure as shit isn't comfortable and are a size too large :/ .
Bugger all, same problem. Ordered size 9.5 US and received a 10.5 size. Massdrop is apparently aware of the problem
as they sent around an email explaining this being a "miscommunication error". But Massdrop has not yet come up with a viable solution. Waiting to hear updates.
I got the exact same problem. It clearly says in the description "US 7-11", I ordered a 9.5 and got a 10.5 US (9.5 UK) which is a size too big for me.
We'll look into this. Thanks for the flag. That should have not happened and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please contact CS regarding this -- you can create a ticket for it on the top right corner of the website.
Same problem just got my pair, ordered US 9 got US 10 (UK 9). The drop says to order US size, can we get this fixed, what do I do with the shoes I got?

Edit: I have submitted a support ticket and linked to this discussion.
Cmon massdrop.
you or your vendor shipped me the wrong size, and the supplet response is my only option is to return them...
Would really like to replace them.
Super disappointed.
ordered 2 pair of these, really like Hanwag shoes.
both showed up 1 size larger than ordered... probably due to U.K./US size markings, even though the add says order US size... I got UK sized.

Biggest size is 11 lol.
I can't find any reviews online of this shoe. Anyone has any? Buying shoes online is awkward, I tend to feel comfortable when I can return them for a slight size change, but here it would be final. Anyone know what the sizing here is like? Do they tend to run small/big?
Hi there! These run TTS, you can go with your usual size and be fine. I'm between a 9.5 and 10, and was able to get into the 9.5 no problem. I personally like my shoes with a bit of breathing room so i'd go for the 10 in my case, but both sizes would work.
Does anyone have any bouldering experience in these? It says they are good for "light bouldering" so I'm curious as to how good.
I'd hop on this, but I really need a wide fit. Hanwag shoes tend to be rather stiff, and therefore tight on the ball of my foot.
I started Googling locations of salt rock flats or hills. Sadly none are near me.

Are these shoes useless then? :D
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