Hanzo 710 Blue Indigo 14oz Denimsearch

Hanzo 710 Blue Indigo 14oz Denim

Hanzo 710 Blue Indigo 14oz Denim

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I received my jeans today, when they say they run a size small they really mean it!
I normally wear a 33" waist, ordered a 34 to "size up" but they are WAY too tight to wear. On a recent drop for the The British Belt Co. Marden Belt the sizing suggestion was to size up 2-3" so i went for the 36" belt and the fit is perfect, indicating my regular sizing is spot on. Really suggest Hanzo either revise their sizing or MD should suggest people size up two sizes on these. Simply unwearable and that's a big shame because they are awesome looking and feeling denim.
Y'all got anymore of them updates?
You should have got a shipping notification by now?
Any idea when these will be shipped? Nothing as of 9/26/17. Has anyone received their order?
Got this email a week or so ago: "Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know. "

So there's been a delay.
I see. Thanks for the heads up.
Will this improve my aim with Hanzo?
I am discovering this denim enthusiasts world here on Massdrop (I'm initially here for mech keyboards...) and I am interested to learn more since I like quality durable goods of all kinds. Where could I find a good introduction about the technical terms, brands, etc ?
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Glad it helped!
I joined the drop after reading you info provided. Thank you very much!
Hanzo does slight custom for those that fall between sizes - example: https://www.facebook.com/Hanzomfg/posts/630846093674151

I probably sit between the 34 and 36 in waist, but the rest of the dimensions are a bit baggy for me in waist. Will there be any option to slightly tweak an order?
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Yes, if you look at the sizing chart and measure a pair of Levi's -- a size 34 Levi's will actually measure close to about 36". So for folks that are used to 'vanity sizing' done by most big companies we wrote that note. You'll have to size up. Also, these are sanforized so the shrinkage is minimal and will happen mostly length-wise (about 2-3%).

For finding your right fit always focus on the waist fitting properly, the rest of the fit really comes from the pattern of the denim itself. Whether you like a straight tapered, or slim, or regular straight fit is really up to you, but adjusting/compensating at the waist will not change the actual fit of the jean itself.
Legend - thanks for the reply. I'm in
I'm not buying a pair of pants named Hanzo. Period. I put up with enough already.
Poor Hanzo Denim... no doubt they existed before Overwatch but now they're tainted forever.
Good night sweet prince
Should Hanzo mains from overwatch buy these jeans?
Not if Genji can help it.
Will this fit my thunder thighs?
Why isn't the Back Rise included?