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I got the V6 thx to Massdrop. Now I want the V7 too! Let's start a drop for HAPSTONE V7
I got the V6 too, now let's start a drop for the V7 too!
I'm in . Loving the HAPSTONE!!
Wow o wow, I am really liking the Hapstone sharpener. The Silicon Carbide set of stones is nice, but I did get a Chosera 400 and Chosera 1000 that were cut and mounted to aluminum back plates. The Chosera's have a great feel and they definitely cut better than the silicon carbide set. For my kitchen knives, they were like magic. The Hapstone combined with the Chosera stones are an awesome combination.
Got mine today! Strangely enough, FedEx passed it on to USPS for final delivery.
Everything was in the box, nothing missing. Put it together in approximately 15 minutes, easy peasy.
I keep hearing folks talk about the magnet not being that strong. If it was any stronger you wouldn't be able to get the knife off the sharpening table. Plenty strong for me. Tickled to death I got in on this drop and glad I didn't get an Apex when I wanted one so bad.!
That's great to hear. Thanks for sharing!
$71.42 customs duty for Canada yay. Nice product though
I added the rotating clamp option last night, and sharpened 27 kitchen knives (ranging from Wusthof quality to stamped junk) using the optional silicon carbide stones. Worked perfectly, repeatable settings, rock solid. Love it.
Mine arrived today - haven't had the opportunity to open it yet but I will post later once I can check it out.
It's been 10 hours. What's the hold up? :D
Sorry! Got mine today and it's very well made. Everything went together easy and it exudes quality. The sintered diamond stones are very interesting, already used them (freehand) to touch up two knives with nice results.
Got my shipping notice on the 22nd. Should be delivered on Monday, the 28th. Thank goodness ... was worried there were going to be long delay.
Welp, seems like my Hapstone is now in FedEx's care. Just need to wait a few more days. I've a few knives queued up for sharpening, so I'm getting excited.
Arrived today, 8/25. It was well packaged for shipping. It's a hefty package. The parts inside seems very sturdy. Now on to the assembly & installation.
All parts were present and accounted for. The assembly was painless. The Hapstone came with three sharpening stones that were not mounted to a backer plate. Because of the lack of a back plate, it seems the stones would wiggle a little bit in the Hapstone's spring loaded stone holder. The Hapstone holds the Silicon Carbide set really well, as those stones are mounted on a back plate.

Sharpened up my new Swiaa Army Knife. It's definitely sharper than the factory edge. With more practice I think I can get even better results. I'm very pleased so far. FWIW, the SAK is a very slim blade. Because of that, Not a lot of magnet is available to hold the blade steady. But despite that handicap, the Hapstone managed it pretty well.
Just got my shipping notification. Can't wait to use this thing.
Any sign of shipping yet? I'm super excited!
Delayed... ūüėí
That email always goes out once it goes past the shipping date. I still have my fingers crossed.
I've been wanting an Edge Pro for over a year and just couldn't pull the trigger. After researching and finding the Hapstone and the other systems now available, I set my sights on the Hapstone (price + quality). I almost bought it off Amazon yesterday ... for only $259 ($20 more than the price at Gritomatic). Thank goodness I waited and found this deal.
Can this do scissors?
No on the moment. Scissor attachment for V6 should hit the market before end of year. No exact date unfortunately.