Hard Wood Case for White Fox Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Hard Wood Case for White Fox Mechanical Keyboard

Hard Wood Case for White Fox Mechanical Keyboard

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argh, i ordered it but it didn't fit my kono whitefox from kickstarter ...
Damn I missed a nice drop. Anyone willing to part ways with this if they didn't like it?
Any status updates on this? I thought MD was working on improving communication in drops - this was supposed to have shipped on Monday.
I asked support about it because no one from MD has bothered to post an update here. They told me on Nov 1st that my order was packed and would ship within the next 3-5 days. If we assume 3-5 BUSINESS days, that would me the middle of this week at the latest. I guess we'll see.
So, this is supposed to ship in a few days. No update yet?
Kinda of surprise Rosewood is sold out...Would join this group buy if they offered it. It be nice to see a black walnut option too.
YES! I can finally get rid of that annoying aluminum sound! Even with the included foam insert, I desire MOAR! Or am I crazy? Will the wood case really change the sound that much? Or is the metal case the real culprit?
Still holding out for a black case... The day will come. I know it.
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They had the nightfox during the kickstarter
Splendid. Now lets have a black case option for whitefox owners.
it seems like this case might also fit the z70 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/z70-mechanical-keyboard (same form factor as the white fox but with a split spacebar and another extra key in the same row), but the USB port is in a different place.

would it be possible to request this without the pre-drilled USB port hole?
The Z70's case also acts as the plate, I don't see how it would fit into a case meant for just a plate and pcb?
thanks for responding; i don't have my z70 at wuk and was gonna go home tonight and fire up teh ol' manual screwdriver to see if there was a sub-plate or something. the bottom part may be a lost cause (and it's not like i'm unhappy with the one i've got).

i mean, if it doesn't look janky, i'd even consider just using the case lid (perhaps with a couple elastic bands) for safe transit. (per the listed measurements, the case dimensions are about 1cm off, but i'm not yet sure that's such a big deal.) here's where i've previously said stuff on the subject: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/z70-mechanical-keyboard/talk/1755929
Who's the manufacturer on this?
It's likely that nobody knows this, but will SA profile caps fit under the top lid?
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blegh ya no :( lid will be loose on top
why SA gotta be that way!!
Note to people who did the Whitefox/Nightfox kickstarter: this very likely won't fit your keyboard.
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And as Flava Flav said, Chuck Dee knows keebs.
Don't believe the hype!
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