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Harding Speedmax HS05 Quartz Watch

Harding Speedmax HS05 Quartz Watch

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The plastics strap is too rigid as to leave deep impressions on the wrist. Wear too loose the Eatch will turn sideways and too tight you get the strap pat imprinted on the wrist for free. Need to change to a soft leather strap for suitab wear then it is alright !
24 hour sub dial, utter waste of space and design on an otherwise attractive watch. Too bad.
Does the bezel move at all? Additionally any have any opinions on the quality of the lum?
Received my watch this morning. Good and robust feeling not bad but the small second dial at left is a dummy not working at all even when button A or B is pressed whilst the small 24 hr dial at right seems to be working in tandem with the main hour hand or it might be a dummy as well. Looks like the chronograph function is not working at all thus leading to the conclusion the watch a sub-standard issue!
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The upper button starts/stops the chrono, it should make the long seconds needle start and the left dial should start(keep in mind, each mark is a minute, thus it will be moving very slowly). The bottom button is a chrono reset.
Just received the watch today. It looks great and feels nice on the wrist. However the second indicator doesn't actually indicate seconds in the way - it's for timing purposes. I find this a bit weird, but no matter. One thing I do find a bit annoying however, is that the markings are off compared to the seconds hand.
The timing doesn't meet the markings at all
Just receive drop. Looks and feels great. Pic 1 with watch on Pic 2 tags Pic 3 how big my wrist compare to a dollar bill (for those who wants to compare size)


Mine shipped today, looking forward to seeing it in person!
Any other Canadian got a Canada Post tracking number mentioning CoD? I hope it is a mistake....
Hi Massdrop, can you please confirm if the watches you are selling here are the ones with the red triangle or not before it ends? On the edge of placing order here... cheers...
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Yeah ,black for me ! I,m going to put it to the test. This is my new pool watch for lap swimming.
Blue. Will try to remember to post a pic when it arrives.
talked to brand. the red triangle is on the watch. they explained the image without the triangle was a salesman sample and not the final production model. Count me in! Love the BRM style but not at BRM price.
I would buy if the red triangle is included.
Is the intro watch the same model as the ones selling here? Where is the red triangle at 12?
It appears the non red triangle might be a New Speedmax version. http://www.hardingwatches.com/Speedmax/HS05-HS0501.html
It looks like something is missing without the triangle or the 12. Very empty there visually. Why take it away with the new version? Bad move I say.