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Received mine a couple days ago now, and it is looking great. There's no scratches or dents, although it feels a bit rough to touch. That being said, it has noticeably smoothed out with a few days of use. The shipping took as long as three weeks to scandinavia, but that's hardly Massdrop's fault.
I used a damp cloth to clean it, and now the wood has become rough / slightly splintered.
How do I treat this? I haven't worked with wood before.
Just got mine today. Early! But at a price.... looks like I was sent a B stock.... scratches and dents along the face and a crack along the sid. Not ok.....

So I just got an email saying that my drop went through, though (1) it's not going to get here for another 2 months, and (2) everyone's complaining here about the varnish rubbing off.

Regarding (1), I guess I should've read the fine print more carefully. It's annoying having to wait this long.
Regarding (2), Is there anything I can do to overcome any fading/bending?
Well I got mine early and it’s looks like it’s a B stock or returned unit lol. So take your pick between getting a damaged product or waiting. But idk about the issues usually fading or bending is caused from moisture if you want to you can put some clear coat for wood on it.
Is this really actually happening this time? I joined the last drop for these and after waiting several months for shipping to "start" and another month after that, my order was cancelled.
I'm a little concerned about this.... anyone from Massdrop still reading comments these days?
Not likely apparently. I can't see why they would offer this again after that. I mean it was a complete failure to fulfill it after several months of waiting. If your producers can't put our product they should be ditched, not brought back for more.

So, Massdrop staff, can you provide any actual meaningful assurance that these will actually ship and will do so in some kind of reasonable amount of time?
Missing size for Whitefox :(
what size is it? i thought 60% would work?
So I got my Rosewood 60% today.
The wrist rest itself looks pretty solid in terms of quality and the weight of 60% size is surprisingly heft so I’m guessing it’s real rosewood.
But packaging box says ‘Xiao Yi Hongmufang’
MD, I thought this was from Royal Glam? Did they just use a random box to ship them Or is it that, depending on wood selection, we get it from different manufacturer?
Could be a parent company or something?
I'm not sure but that's what I was thinking too. I see that there is Royal Glam engraved on under side of my old TKL Royal Glam wrist rest but this new 60% rosewood one doesn't have any logo engraving under side. Rubber feet look to be the same ones that they always use though.
When will these be sent out?
I still haven't received mine. Is this normal?
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It's getting kind of ridiculous waiting three months plus for a piece of wood to arrive.
Only thing I've heard was support apologizing and saying they'll give me my money back after I've waiting already 3 months. I haven't had an issue like this before but I don't know if this is normal.
Pretty crazy that it's taken this long though. Just emailed support so I'll update once I've heard.

**UPDATE 6/7/2018**
Here's support's response:
"I currently don't have an update at to exact shipping date. This issue was brought up about 3 hours ago and our logistics team is looking into the delay. You should be getting and email update in the next few business days. If you choose not to wait any longer, I can issue a refund at anytime before shipping ."
I guess we wait ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Any update on when these will be shipped?

EDIT: Classic MD. I thought a person is assigned to each drop that could "manage" it? Anyone from MD asking Royal Glam for updates?
I got the ebony and resin wrist rest. I noted elsewhere that I love the artistry of the item. So I am sorry to say mine has warped after less than 6 months. I had asked if anyone knew of a good finish for these, although I am not sure if the finish would affect warping. I live in a super-dry climate, which is probably why this happened. Just a comment that I hope will help somehow.
Thanks for the comment, helping me as I was debating if i wanted it.