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Royal Glam Hardwood Wrist Rests

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When will these be sent out?
I still haven't received mine. Is this normal?
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It's getting kind of ridiculous waiting three months plus for a piece of wood to arrive.
Only thing I've heard was support apologizing and saying they'll give me my money back after I've waiting already 3 months. I haven't had an issue like this before but I don't know if this is normal.
Pretty crazy that it's taken this long though. Just emailed support so I'll update once I've heard.

**UPDATE 6/7/2018**
Here's support's response:
"I currently don't have an update at to exact shipping date. This issue was brought up about 3 hours ago and our logistics team is looking into the delay. You should be getting and email update in the next few business days. If you choose not to wait any longer, I can issue a refund at anytime before shipping ."
I guess we wait ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Any update on when these will be shipped?

EDIT: Classic MD. I thought a person is assigned to each drop that could "manage" it? Anyone from MD asking Royal Glam for updates?
I got the ebony and resin wrist rest. I noted elsewhere that I love the artistry of the item. So I am sorry to say mine has warped after less than 6 months. I had asked if anyone knew of a good finish for these, although I am not sure if the finish would affect warping. I live in a super-dry climate, which is probably why this happened. Just a comment that I hope will help somehow.
Can anyone recommend me a good oil to apply the surface of the wrist rest?
Here to add to the comments already about not buying Royal Glam, the products always fall apart after a few months of use!
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I got the marble/wood combo a few months ago. The marble split and started chipping within a month. The wood warped and bent.
I've heard that the solid wood ones are not finished well and the varnish will rub off after light usage.

Sorry bro.
I can see why that would be the case with the marble/wood rests. Hopefully it doesn't warp that bad but if it does I'll just throw it through my plainer a couple times lol
I was thinking of applying a couple coats of linseed oil after a light sanding to help somewhat with the staining but i don't really mind that too much.
Anyway, thanks for the info.
I was on multiple previous drops. The wood's finish is hardly adequate for something that your hands will rest on -- the oil finish disappears within hours use. After a few months, the parts where my palms regularly make contact with the wood turned blackish. The wood also started warping and the wrist rest wobbles. Not good.

I tried this company a few times (4 wrist rests, insane) and each product has this problem. I would advise folks to stay away, unless you don't mind warping wood that will stain with use. (Their ebony&resin wrist rests has the least issues with warping , but the discoloring is really prominent and ugly).

I bought a wrist rest, not a DIY wood varnishing project.
What do you recommend for treating the wood (Black Walnut) or protecting it from moisture?
so 80% is TKL right?
WoodLab Kevin Hi, could you briefly detail which options are stained and which are natural? I understand that they all come with a clear polyurethane finish, but I'm asking about the raw wood beneath the finish. Thanks!
I'm looking to put danish oil on my walnut rest to fix the discoloration from where my wrist lay on it. I already attached the bottom sticker pads. Anyone know where I can get replacement pads for the bottom? I want to coat the entire board with the oil then with a protective cover. Thanks!
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Yes, that is exactly my worry since i am a heavy gamer at times. After reading other comments on here i have decided to use something else that isn't so "troublesome".
Thank you for raising up this issue, too.
Yep, you're welcome. This wooden wrist rest is high-maintenance eye candy. Looks good, but impractical. And expensive! That's basically describing every item on Massdrop lol
Got mine about a week ago. Just a beautiful wrist rest. Wish I'd gotten one for my 100% keyboard, too! Definitely watching when this one becomes available again.
its available again in case you miss you :P
Yep I already committed to getting the 100% Black Walnut for my office keyboard, thanks! =)