Hardworking Gentlemen Soap Bars (2-Pack)search

Hardworking Gentlemen Soap Bars (2-Pack)

Hardworking Gentlemen Soap Bars (2-Pack)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

A Hardworking Gentlemen steals the Soap Bars from the crappy motel the company is paying him to sleep in for 4 hours every night. Granted the black one goes well with carbon black.
Bit of a suggestive name for a bar of soap.
Doesn't sound like they're going to make you prove it--I mean you could probably be a lazy bastard and they'd most likely still sell it to you. Say--wait a minute! That gives me a great idea for MY new line of men's toiletries... Lazy Bastard French-Onion Soap-on-a-Rope
Lazy Bastard Budwieser-infused sun screen
Lazy Bastard 3-in-One Beard Oil

I'm gonna be rich! RICH I TELL YA!!!!!

I'm guessing hardworking gentlemen know better than to pay ten-bucks for a bar of soap? On the other hand, opportunist-slackers attempting to take advantage of wide-eyed, Gen-Zers with itchy credit cards, probably see the world differently?

Mum’s the word Ray. If people wise up we’ll never find entertainment like this again . This soap is gluten free by the way .
Holding out for the KETO version!
Spelled "forest" wrong on that label, partner.
Hahaha good catch
That's the "Encinitas, California" spelling--it's different there!