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Artfully Crafted Quilt Patterns

Designed by Heather Jones, artist and three-time winner of the Project Modern Quilt Design competition, these quilt patterns push the traditional conceptions of quiltmaking. Each design comes printed on a piece of paper and has its own supply list. The You + Me pattern consists of four larger blocks combined with bold crosses and pieced stripes for a vintage, timeless feel. Fly Away is a smaller version of the Winged Square, which uses simple triangles and solid colors to create a contrasting pattern. Anni draws inspiration from Josef Albers’s “Homage to the Squares” by using log cabin blocks to build a modernist looking piece. Finally, Radiance has all the elements of a traditional quilt design but features a dramatically increased scale for emphasis. 

Note: This drop is for one pattern. At checkout, choose Anni, Fly Away, Radiance, or You + Me. Each pattern comes with instructions for making small and large quits. 



  • Finished quilt size, small:  34 x 34 in (86.3 x 86.3 cm)
  • Finished quilt size, large: 68 x 68 in (172.7 x 172.7 cm)

Fly Away

  • Finished quilt size, small:  36 x 36 in (91.4 x 91.4 cm)
  • Finished quilt size, large: 72 x 72 in (182.8 x 182.8 cm)


  • Finished quilt size, small:  36 x 36 in (91.4 x 91.4 cm)
  • Finished quilt size, large: 72 x 72 in (182.8 x 182.8 cm)

You + Me

  • Finished quilt size, small: 33 x 33 in (83.8 x 83.8 cm)
  • Finished quilt size, large: 66 x 66 in (167.6 x 167.6 cm)


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