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I made the stupid mistake of buying a watch from Helgray. Loved the look and feeling but the minute-hand fell off without any bumps or tare at all and the customer support is non-existing. Stay away from this company, they are lousy scammers!
MD, please refrain from offering this brand on your site. Lots of bad customer experiences. Let this be a warning for other potential buyers.
Stay away from Helgray - incredibly poor customer service and quality control.
I bought a Silverstone earlier this year and it felt cheap, had misaligned hands and poorly printed dial - sold within one month of owning.

Wow, not sure why all the hate for this company - my experience with them has been positive. The negative online reviews made me hesitant at first to purchase from them, but thought I would give them a try and be my own judge. Was pleasantly surprised.
I purchased 2 of their TCD-01 Titanium watches and was very happy with them. Never had to do any warranty work, so not sure about the customer service, or lack of it, but the watches themselves were of excellent quality and a great value. They also shipped the watches very quickly. I would definitely buy from them again. Passing on this drop because the rose gold hands are the deal killer for me - had they been silver, I would have committed to a purchase.
Just don't believe all the hate you read online - I don't think Massdrop would risk their reputation by offering these pieces.
and here is the one with the sedna gold
Copied and Pasted from previous drops - I will continue to add this to all discussions on Helgray to warn other potential buyers of this scam company. ******************************************************************* I cant believe this guy. And the fact he is still peddling his crap watches and people are still stupid enough to buy them. I bought a Silverstone a few months back and it came through with the seconds hand out of alignment (quite badly). Others have had far worse QC issues. You just try to get any kind of customer service from this "company" (guy in his garage), he NEVER (I repeat NEVER) answers support tickets - if your watch is OK on receipt then fine, if you have any sort of issue, they do not accept returns without an approved return number. And you wont get one because they dont respond to ANY support tickets. You have then basically wasted your money. A few customers say the hands were not even mounted on receipt and were loose in the case....You have been warned - I strongly suggest you spend you hard earned money elsewhere. If you have any doubt about my motivations for posting this try these two things: 1) Send an email to Support@helgray.com and see if you get any response. 2) Second check the trustpilot reviews and google "Helgray issues" and you will see for yourself. I wish I had before buying. Please do yourselves a favour and cancel your orders. I also complained on his Instagram page and he deleted my comment and blocked me..!
Stay away from these known scammers. Do your research. Watches are garbage and service is worse. If you buy from these jerks you will deserve what you get...
Massdrop, you must be part of the scam. Go ahead and email them with a problem. You know what will happen don't you. Makes you part of the scam doesn't it?
I couldn't agree more with you! For anyone who wants to buy a Helgray watch... do you research first! Just google for Helgray + Scam. The reviews on the interweb (see Watchuseek, Reddit, Reviewopedia, Trustpilot) will tell you that it is a very very very bad idea to buy from them... and if you do, consider your money gone!
I have their Officer's watch, and it is great. Read a lot of "piling on" on this brand here, and not sure if it has been fair and fact based. A Lot of "seen and heard" but little first hand criticism from owners.
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I have first hand experience with Helgray... in brief I would say: poor product quality and non-existent customer service. I bought a watch from Helgray exactly a year ago, but unfortunately it had a fault (minute hand got stuck). After six months I managed to get a shipping code and send it back. That was months ago. I am still waiting for my refund... and despite all the emails I have sent, I never got a response. I have read may similar complaints on the interweb, which all show the same pattern: once your money is on Nadim's (the owner of Helgray) bank account, there is no incentive for him to help you when there is an issue and he will not... because he doesn't give a toss about his customers. Also note, looking at the reviews online, this pattern is consistent from 2014 onwards, so this is not a one off. Considering Nadim's modus operandi I have started to believe that this Helgray enterprise is actually a scam. I would therefore strongly advice not to buy from this Nadim, or any of his related brands: Makara, Helgray, Rossling & Co.
Note, all 5 star reviews on Trustpilot are most likely added by Helgray themselves. The minute after helgray.com was claimed on Trustpilot two weeks ago, a couple of 5-star reviews were posted. Also this weekend, Helgray has reported more than half of all 1-star reviews for breach of Trustpilot's guidelines. And shortly after that a whole new bunch of 5-star reviews were posted. I hope Trustpilot is aware of what's going on and that Helgray is gaming their system.
Just an advice for anyone considering of buying ANYTHING from this brand. I've only seen and read negative things from this brand so you all should avoid this brand like a prostitute with ebola.
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A watch collector huh. You must work for these idiots. I never realized there were junk watch collectors. LOL.
You're lucky you haven't had any issues with your Helgray watches. Their customer service is appalling... if it exists at all.
It's a copy of the Omega speedmaster Ceramic Darkside of the moon.

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take a look at the actual dark side pics. almost identical.
it's a copy