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Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine Bundle

Hello Kitty Janome Sewing Machine Bundle

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Hi All!
One thing to note on this drop is that the Janome products are being shipped directly from the vendor and expected to ship out by 8/18 as originally stated. You may have already received your fabric bundle so wanted to make sure there was clarity around this.
I'm confused by these machines. Other than the colour and decals, they look exactly the same.

There are 15 stitches shown on the blue one (well, 14 and a buttonhole, same as the red). The knobs for setting stitch length are the same, so I can't imagine Janome engineered different feed systems for the two of them to create different maximum stitch lengths.

Do you have any documentation available for them, to confirm that the features are actually different? If they're the same, then people can choose based on colour, knowing that they are getting the same machine either way. Even giving the model numbers would help; I wasn't able to find these machines on the Janome website.

Thanks in advance!
What is the Model Number of the sewing machine? I would like to research the capabilities of this model.
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Hi AllieCat,

I just Googled until I found the model numbers. The red machine was pretty easy to find; the blue was more work. Once I found the model numbers I was able to find the machines on the Janome website.

I'm not the seller, just a community member frustrated by the lack of information in this drop.
Well said And thank you
Does the machine have a light?
Yes, both models have a light.
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