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HELM Boots Riley Chelsea Boot

HELM Boots Riley Chelsea Boot

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Would you recommend any water proof spray as I live in Maine and the Winter/Spring can be pretty sloppy up here. Thanks
Hello -

As with all suede's we recommend applying a common suede protector to not only protect the leather, but to protect the color of the boots as well. Be careful which product you use as some will darken the boot. We recommend Kiwi or Bee Natural as great products to use on the Riley.

Hope that helps
Is rapid Blake easier and cheaper to resole compared to Goodyear?
Hi TriN -

HELM Boots here and great question. All of our boots are re-soled by the original factory by the experts that built them the first time, so we never risk effecting the quality. In regards to price, there is no difference in price and you can learn more about the program at the following link - https://helmboots.com/pages/resole-program.

Hope that helps.
HELM Boots
US or UK sizing?
And what is the general width on these?

Also, I don't really get the design of the sole - why cover most of it in rubber but leave the toe (one of the most hard-wearing portions of the sole) as leather?
I mean, there's a reason for rubber/metal toe taps existing.
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Please refer to the specific drop page for the Blunt event. If it's the Lite umbrella we did recently the ship date on those is October 5th.
Hello Zenifyx,

Thanks for the questions. All of our shoes are built in the US with US made materials so the boots are sized to US standards. As for the question on the outsole, we've actually found that the most worn through area of an outsole is the area right below the ball of the foot as it touches the ground with every step. Our boots get re-soled over and over so we get to see what are the most impacted areas and developed this sole to wear longer than a full leather sole, but still have the modern/dress look.

In regards to rubber/metal toe tabs, you are right that many boots that are built specifically for work add those elements for protection. While our boots are used for all sorts of purposes, they are not built as fashion boots without those protective elements.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.
I use US size 9, what size should I pick for this one?
HELM sizes everything off the Brannock device, so these fit TTS (true-to-size).
They recommend going with your correct size that you usually go with, so a 9 would be just fine for you here.
Thanks for your interest on this drop!
Are these Goodyear welted? Also, I have wide feet (2E), would I have to go up a half size?
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Since I have wide feet should I size up or stick tts?
Hello Dan -

If you have an actual E or EE width, I would suggest sizing up at least a half size. I do think that if you went up a full size that the toe box might be too much for you.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out.
Nice boots, to bad they're not in my size
These are really tempting. I have been considering getting a pair of Blundstone boots recently.
Does anyone know how these compare?
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Aawww~ sorry my friend. The stock we were able to secure is only so many units/sizes.
Hey! I have a few pair of Blundstones and these are a bit more narrow but they do give as you wear them and they weather. The sole on these is leather but has the fine line rubber on the front and heel so that helps with traction but not too comparable to the Blundstone rubber sole. The ankle on these are not quite as loose as the Blundstones either. So I'd ultimately say this is more of a stylish dress/dress casual boot more focused on style than a work boot. Also, this one is made in the US! Hope this helps.
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