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Hidizs AP60 Digital Audio Player

Hidizs AP60 Digital Audio Player

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With the latest and previous FW update my AP60 as transport (via USB OTG) to the Xduoo XD05 have variable volume control ! Do you guys have the same issue ?
Umm this can be found for 75 bucks and free shipping from other well-known shopping sites, am I missing something extra with this drop or what?
if i didnt already own a macbook pro 15 retina i would totally hop on to buy this.
if i didnt already own a Sony ZX2 i would totally hop on to buy this. the specs look pretty good
I got this player, it's really really good. Lots of great features and good sound quality
Just got mine from the latest drop. Does the bluetooth not connect to Bluetooth headphones? I'm having trouble getting the device to connect to my bose qc35 and cheap jarv wireless earbuds
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Did that reply make you feel like a big man?

I hope so ...
make sure your ap60 is in discover mode when you make your headphones discoverable.
Does the player has "Balance Output" ?
Does this have a *REAL* shuffle function? The Shanling M1 I got off Massdrop recently does not. Its idea of "shuffle" is to play all your tracks in a "random" order determined once and then recycled every time.

Wondering if there's a translation/cultural difference in the concept of "shuffle"
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Software music player.
You have to use a micro sd right?
Any chance of you getting the Marvel versions in the near future? I'd rather wait for the Spider-Man edition if you might carry it sometime.
Does it come with any on-board memory at all? Or is it completely reliant on SD cards only?
Why get this when smartphones exist?
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People get worried about the low-power radios in their phones, but seem to think that wireless charging over a distance is a viable thing. SMH.
Same reason people still buy DSLR cameras and 4K camcorders, better performance.

Those of us who have invested in higher end headphones/earphones appreciate the better audio performance from the dedicated high resolution DAC and more powerful AMPs.

Most people are satisfied with the standard smartphone audio, others want something more to compliment there more costly gear. So either a standalone DAP (digital audio player) or one of the few smartphone that actually offers high quality audio output.
Nice little player, decent sound quality. Tiny...but awesome!