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HiFiMan HE-500 Audiophile Headphones

HiFiMan HE-500 Audiophile Headphones

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Performance Above All

This is the HiFiMAN HE-500, one of only five headphones to receive an A+ ratings in David Mahler's definitive flagship shootout thread. It's stunningly neutral frequency response and linear bass place it among the greatest headphones ever produced. From it's interchangeable ear pads to it's steel and leather construction, the HE-500 was built to perform and please, whatever your audio preferences.

HiFiMan HE-500 Audiophile Headphones

Rise of a New Superpower

Orthodynamic (also called planar magnetic) drivers have been considered a superior technology since the 1950s but until recently, the amplification required to properly drive them couldn't be achieved without significant distortion. The trick would be making a orthodynamic efficient enough to use standard headphone amplifiers without a drop in performance. After years of r&d, many critics think that's exactly what HiFiMAN's done with the HE headphone line. Racking up dozens of five star reviews, the HE-500 has become a favorite on head-fi and one of the most highly reviewed headphones on amazon. HiFiMAN has arrived and now you can own the result of their work.

HiFiMan HE-500 Audiophile Headphones

Solid Industrial Design

When HiFiMAN made the HE line, they pulled out all the stops. Every piece of metal in this headphone is solid steel coated in a textured finish that's as pleasant to touch as it is to look at. The headband is dense memory foam covered in rich leather that'll keep you comfortable for hours of listening. The HE-500 comes with two sets of earpads, one velour and one leather, and a removable silver cable so you can customize it's sound signature to your liking.

HiFiMan HE-500 Audiophile Headphones


  • Frequency Response: 15 to 50 KHz
  • Impedance: 38 Ohm
  • Efficiency: 89 DB
  • Weight: 502 g
  • Accessories:
  • Leather storage box
  • Silver headphone cable (3 meters or 10 Feet)
  • Leather earpad 1 pair (on the headphones), velour earpad 1 pair for backup
  • Headphone cable connector*2


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