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HiSound Studio-V Anniversary Edition

HiSound Studio-V Anniversary Edition

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Portable Audiophile Sound

HiSound is known for producing simple, high performance audio players. The Studio-V Anniversary Edition epitomizes those principles. Equipped with an audiophile DAC and a solid state amplifier capable of driving headphones up to 300 ohms, this is all you'll need to enjoy killer sound everywhere you go.

HiSound Studio-V Anniversary Edition

Battery Life and Build Quality

The Studio-V Anniversary Edition has 85 hours of playback time per charge. You can leave this on for three days and still have enough power to make it through Snoop Lion's new album. This monster is housed in a brick of golden aluminum. Durability? It's an aluminum brick. Build quality? It's an aluminum brick.

HiSound Studio-V Anniversary Edition


Aside from it's astounding battery life, build quality, and superb audio articulation, this audio player can also be used as a standalone amplifier or source component. Taking a 3.5mm input, you can also use this as a high end headphone amplifier with a 85 hour rechargeable battery. Mac and PC compatible, this device uses a USB Mini connector to load music onto it's 4gb of internal storage. Need more than 4gb? No problem. Pick up a micro SD card and add as much storage as you need.

HiSound Studio-V Anniversary Edition


"This may be the most musical and dynamic DAP I've ever heard..." "...it sounds so good and everything is just so spectacularly alive and vibrant" "Lows are tight, taught and precise...Mids are fantastic, transparent, open and expressive...Highs are like the mids, very transparent." (Mark Ramos, www.head-fi.org)


  • Battery Life: 85 hours
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-25kHz
  • S/N: 96dB
  • Memory capacity: 4GB + Micro SD card slot.
  • Card Compliance: Micro SD, SDHC
  • Supported Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, Flac, AAC, OGG
  • Earphone amplifier function. Can work as an individual earphone amplifier.
  • Set the volume to 0 and connect your desktop amplifier for use at home.


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