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HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor

HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor

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The typical approach to audiophile earbuds was to apply the same technology from oversized cans into tiny devices, often reducing the fidelity and performance in the process. Instead of trying to stick a square peg in a round hole, the HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor uses specially designed balanced armature drivers that allow for greater frequency response while staying within the compact dimensions.

Note: At check-out, you have your choice of White or Black/Silver.

HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor

Major Requirements

While that balanced armature technology usually sets you back a small fortune, the BA100 features the latest in drivers without forcing you into bankruptcy. With a flat overall presentation, you get clear and precise bass, powerful and shining mids, and slightly recessed treble, all coming at you in a wide and accurate soundstage.

HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor

Pick an Elective

Brought together with metal housing and ending in an angled jack, the BA100 is built to handle the stress of your everyday commute or extended jam session without a hitch. Letting you get the perfect isolation no matter what your ear size, the HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor comes with multiple sets of eartips.


  • HiSound Audio
  • Balanced armature drivers
  • Metal housing
  • Inline microphone
  • Impedance- 36Ω
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 109 dB
  • Impedance: 36 Ohms
  • 48.82 in (124 cm) OFC cable with 1/8 in (3.5 mm) angled jack
  • 0.35 oz (10 g)


  • Eartips


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