Holbein Designer Gouache 84-Color Setsearch

Holbein Designer Gouache 84-Color Set

Holbein Designer Gouache 84-Color Set

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Artist-Quality Gouache Paints

A versatile tool for fine artists and designers, the Holbein Designer Gouache Set contains 84 different colors in 15-milliliter tubes. The opaque paints are made from the finest pigments, selected for their high-density saturation and lightfastness. They can be mixed with other colors without losing brilliance, opacity, or hue value, making them particularly well suited for teaching color theory. Thin the paints with water to create semi-transparency or apply them in dense opaque layers to build the surface body. See the color chart below for complete contents.

Included Colors


  • 84 x 15ml paint tubes
  • Storage box


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