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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Not really a drop, this is the standard price at various websites, some with free shipping.
A karambit that's not full tang?
That's borderline malicious cost cutting.
Trash indeed. Ty for the heads up.
Boycott -- over priced and a rip off -- you can buy it cheaper on e-bay and they will send it to you direct anywhere in the world
Don't get, over priced
Just received mine yesterday. Now I'm a real life counter strike player with a factory new karambit. Living the dream boys.
Oofda. Just barely joined the drop within a minute of it closing.
Does anyone have pics of the shoulder harness?
I hope nobody is actually getting one of these for the express purpose of self-defense. It's more likely to get you in trouble with law enforcement than out of trouble with attackers.

I learned a long time ago that if you're holding a knife in a fight and you aren't skilled in knife fighting, then that knife belongs to your opponent (NB 'skilled in knife fighting' does not mean having watched a lot of videos on YouTube ).

The best self-defense skill for most people is running really fast while screaming your lungs out. If you really must prepare for a knife fight though, I recommend attending classes on how to deal with knife attacks bare-handed, and practicing the shit out of those moves until they're muscle memory.

As a bonus, set up a shortcut on your phone to play "Beat It" at full volume, and hit it when the knives come out. There's a small chance it'll defuse the tension and cause everyone to break into dance, but if not, well then at least you died to an epic soundtrack.
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True, but sometimes you don't have a choice.
Hm I think you have a choice as to how you train for such scenarios, and what you choose to carry about with you.

If you take self-defense classes and carry around a more low-profile self-defense tool like mustard spray, a rape siren or maybe even a robust umbrella or walking stick, I think that's more likely to have a better outcome than if you choose to carry around a karambit (especially if you don't know how to use it).

If you get into a knife fight armed with this thing, then you will find yourself fighting knife-to-knife, and as wonbul pointed out, even if you win, you're going to be cut up. On top of that, it's also likely that the other guy will be cut up worse. If you have caused serious injury or even death in the process, you might find yourself facing serious criminal charges.

In that case, this thing would seriously complicate your legal defense. You might find it difficult to convince a judge or jury that you were an innocent victim and not the aggressor when you were walking around armed like a goddamn velociraptor.
There are only 2 reasons you might even buy this:
a) you're super paranoid that you're going to get mugged.
b) you play CSGO.

Please don't buy this for any other reason or it will lead you down a rabbit hole of buying too many knives and the next thing you know you're in debt and your wife and children have left you and now you're homeless on the streets willing to do ANYTHING to buy the latest ZT limited edition.
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I want it cause it is cool.
>you play CSGO
Well duh, why else would they drop it in fade?
Massdrop, do you have a clarification on the steel used yet? The drop says AUS 8 again, but the last drop has comments stating otherwise?
Damn all I wanted was black with boot attachment, but they dont even offer it. Guess I'll have to wait for it to come round again
I really want to buy this but my parents say no.
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Any good reason for an adult to have one?
well i am 17 and there isnt really anything i would use it for. It's more just something you show your friends and then immediately hide from them so they dont cut themselves
1.2k+ purchased. I bet these look great hanging on the wall alongside your swords!
ūüėā funniest comment ever!