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Hot Keys Project Caution Spacebar

Hot Keys Project Caution Spacebar

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nobody noticed off-white ?
Yeah I did
I slam my spacebar sometimes lol. how durable is resin?
The stripes that don't match the base spacebar are raised so these have a pronounced texture to them, if that helps you decide to buy or skip
That actually is why I can not decide. I hated those textured Corsair spacebars, and really hope that it won't be like that for me.
(*obligatory "But where's the Laser colorway option?" comment )
FR this would be an instabuy in a laser colorway
Does it fit HHKB?
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Lol topre manufactures listening to new standards or risk losing out on business. That's funny, topre does what every topre wants to do. That's why the HHKB hasn't changed since 1996. And when they did change it in 2006 they moved the placement of the port and added a USB hub on the back. I highly doubt they'll make a HHKB 3 seeing as how successful the 2 is in Japan and around the world.
You completely missed the point. I was talking about keycap manufacturers changing tooling, not Topre.
Marble color?
What is stopping me from picking up some spray paint and making this with masking tape?
Sell me
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Your telling me that this doesn't look like "shit"?
A black key..maybe a different color key would warrant this something to spend money on..what a money grab.
Create with inspiration...
Perhaps you missed the point of the black key...I hope the creator looks at some of these examples and takes note to create something special.
Make this "take a deep breath and hold" worth while.
Any chance of making the yellow with black stripes colorway available?
It's already run. I'd check mechmarket if I were you
For the Organizer of this Group Buy, please specify clearly as to whether or not MassDrop will offer these space bars to fit any standard Realforce Keyboards, since they all use 6.25u.

Nothing worse than spending money on something that can never be used on any Realforce 87 or 104 keyboard, hence MD has to make this known as soon as possible.
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That's what I'm referring to - the Current models and they've been around since 2011.

Name anyone still using or owning any older Realforce keyboards, here on MassDrop?

When MassDrop starts selling those older models again then this space bar would work but they instead are selling the newer models which all have 6.25u, either someone was not informed about this major defect for this group buy or they think it doesn't matter.

Either way, due to this idiotic mistake of only offering 6.25 for Cherry MX fitting, they have indeed missed more orders coming in from the Topre crowd.

The ONLY ones who might benefit are the Leopold 660c crew and no one else.
Wait, the newer one (which known as R2 use 6.25) just released like one month ago and its only avaliable in ISO Jp, the ansi afaik hasnt been released yet.

I am using 6u RF 87u, which known as R1 up until now, and afaik its the most popular model.
What does a resin spacebar sound like? What's the weighting like compared to typical abs or pbt? Anybody able to give an example?