Hot Keys Project x MiTo Laser Artisan Keycapssearch

Hot Keys Project x MiTo Laser Artisan Keycaps

Hot Keys Project x MiTo Laser Artisan Keycaps


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Would anyone want to swap a Cherry MX spacebar (either color) for a Topre spacebar?
Looking for Purple Cherry MX spacebar if anybody has anything please let me know. Thanks!
I'm also looking for the Pink Topre spacebar if anyone wants to sell it. On GH I'm thelaughingman and on reddit I'm u/nixpalto.
The spacebar is light and types good on my hhkb. Great quality.
Will this drop come back? I neeeeeeed it.
Curious if these are actually Cherry profile or if they're OEM. Anyway, I've got 2 backspace keys: 1 Purple, 1 Pink. Looking to acquire 2 x 1u R1 Pink keys. Anyone interested? Hit me up at /u/kozahtli on mm, kozahtli on discord.
I have both MX backspaces and they seem to be Cherry Profile.
Looking to buy pink topre spacebar. Message u/BongoUnicorns
Want to swap my purple WASD for 4x FN keys (Arrow cluster)
I'm looking to buy any of these if no one wants theirs anymore :)
If anyone is looking to sell their pink Cherry spacebar, I would be interested - please send me a message on reddit at
Just got my artisans! 1x ESC, 4x R1 arrow keys and 1x backspace all in pink. I was planning to sell it as it was an impulse buy. But seeing it personally, I was surprised how awesome it is. Very lovely indeed. Can't wait for the laser.
If you do sell it let me know, I really wanted some
These turned out very nice! Has anybody noticed them fitting really really loose? I got the backspace in purple and am using 78g zealio with zeal stabs and they are loosie goosie. Other then that I just wish I got spacebars.
I got the WASD cluster and 2 of my keys are so loose that turning the keyboard upside down will make them fall off.. guessing manufacturing defect.
These are so nice I wish I had gotten more! Of both colors!
These turned out really nice :)
nice, the 1U looks really tasty. i hope you didn't try to eat it :)
Lol no, but I am looking forward to putting it on my boatd with the rest of the set.
I wasn't expecting to get my shipping notification this early, but its a welcome surprise.