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Those shots of fully kitted black HHKB with wasd+ are SENSATIONAL but the price tag total starts approaching that of another topre board...
Just settled for a purple Esc, Enter, Space for simplicity.
Can I use the wasd for the arrow keys or 4pcs R1 Fn caps? Will be using it for a dz60 board.
4pcs R1 Fn caps ;-)
Some brief question regarding Topre, I need to be sure ;-)

1) is this correct for the Realforce?
2) Is the keycap profile identical across all Topre boards, specifically Realforce, 660C & HHKB?
2) the profiles of the stock topre keycaps are the same
Can someone help explain to me what makes Artisan Keycaps so expensive?
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The only explanation is .... "because" .....
Basically this. They're also more unique, being that they're handmade, and I think that little extra flair for your board is worth it.
Ugh...signed up for Esc, Caps Lock, WASD, Enter, Space Bar, and 4 Fn keys (arrow cluster). All pink.

Laser got me bad, but this will look sick on my purple Norbauer x Laser TKL!
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4pcs R1 it is then Laser waves for wasd :D
Oooh, very nice! :D
Hmm, spacebar or esc key? Maybe none for this broke boi in this hobby. If this was drop next year.... Probably still be broke in the hobby.
I'm going with spacebar, as the Mitowaves kit had the sunset, and that's what is going on my escape key. Hot pink spacebar will look dope.
Would these work with a Keywalker68?

I'm fairly new to mechanical keyboards- I've never purchased separate keycaps before.
they will fit any mx style switch. The profile may be slightly different though.
Should fit the Keywalker 68 nicely, as that has Cherry Profile keycaps and MX Stems. Just be sure to order the “GMK” artisan caps. ;-)
I thought it was 17.99 for all of them and thought they're kinda ugly with the stem showing through but OK, went to buy.... $17.99 PER 1u CAP??? WTF

They don't even look like a good visual match for Laser anyway, and the Laser sets aren't available in Topre either. This is a very blatant (and underwhelming) cash-in on the Laser hype, nothing more. At least their other caps fit the theme and are reasonably priced.
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People love the stem showing through. Matter of opinion, hardly a revolutionary concept.

Furthermore, you can MX slider topre boards and leave WASD (or QWERDF for mobas) stock if you like, that way you can preserve the most used keys if you play games that require a lot of keyboard movement for example. The space bar being offered in topre also saves you going through the trouble of having to 3D print the housing for the stabilisers if you MX slider the rest of your board.

These are useful whether you like it or not, despite them being fairly expensive. Lastly, HKP has been making artisan caps like these for longer than you've even been a member on Massdrop, I'm sure his colour matching is fine regardless of whether or not you think so through your computer monitor.
The Topre 6u spacebar is the last thing I want for my novatouched HHKB to use GMK Laser keyset. The last piece of the whole picture on the Laser theme keyset on my HHKB.
are these supposed to complement the MiTo Laser set or are they meant as an alternative? Can we get some screens/renders of how it would look like on Laser?
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I think it would look sexy, but I'm not rich.
Oh, me neither. I kinda wish I was, simply so I could do meme boards like that without having any care as to the financial side of things, but I guess for now I gotta salivate over the idea and hope that HKP or someone else with access to a large number of these decides to do it.