Hot Keys Project: Zambumon Serika Caution Spacebarssearch

Hot Keys Project: Zambumon Serika Caution Spacebars

Hot Keys Project: Zambumon Serika Caution Spacebars

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God damn it that was a short drop :( Missed out because my Paypal was locked and their support is so $#%#$% slow :(
Great looking space bars, wish they came in different colors/style, because this color and design are not for me. But nonetheless great looking / solid looking space bars.
so crisp! of course this is one of those comments that doesn't end up soliciting a meaningful response, but what would i need to do to convince you to make me a couple 3u bars in this style (any of the 3, or i can pick one)?
again, no 7u :(
i like the look of these, especially how it was the size on the side. but sadly im sad that there is no 7u version, gotta run those winkeless boards :)
Will this fit HHKB
Yes, if you choose the Topre option.
I'm confused, it says its a 6.25 spacebar but one of the pictures shows it very clearly on a corsair vengeance board which takes a 6.5 size spacebar, does it fit both or was that spacebar modified to fit that board? (I've got a k95 and want to use this spacebar is why I'm asking)
Similarly, Im asking basically the same question. I have a Corsair Vengeance K65 and curious what I should get to fit.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!
I took a look at Corsairs website images it looks like both your K95 and my K65 seem to use the same size spacebars.
Take a look at the images below from their website.
It does look like we both have 6.25u spacebars. I can't be absolutely certain based on these images alone so if someone wouldnt mind confirming this for me I would super

apprecaite it.
Are you ever going to do a classic or red stripe spacebar again?

Want to get one but not sure yellow will fit my board
Bought all three for the 6.25 keyboards.

This is unique, hence always good to get some space bars to match with whole key-sets, later on down the track.
Just got one of their marble bars a bit ago and the texture is pretty dope to type on
2 Tone transparent one is okay.. the other 2 looks like some kind of a joke.

Any comments on the reputation of the manufacturer ? I have purchased some from Hammer and they are amazing...
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At a glance, they totally did look plainly printed with no raised bars. I had a similar opinion to Moeeed about the opaque ones. I still prefer the transparent resin one but now that I took a second look i can see the raised edges. Thanks for clarifying this.
They definitely aren't printed at all. It's all cast resin.
Is there any chance of us getting the white and black with the red stripe in this drop? This would be a 100% buy for me if that was included.
was really hoping the classic ones were restocked after seeing this... RIP. guess I'll have to make my own "Off-white" space bar.
Is it possible that this drop will be shipped together with Zambumon Serika Keycaps (2-Pack) drop?
Massdrop: You may pay us $32 for some poured resin (more natural plastic) we ordered from China for you.
Aliexpress: We will gold plate it and ship it across the world for you for $10!
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Thank you. I corrected my post to be as accurate as possible. :)
I'm also pretty sure HKP is located in Hong Kong, so technically Massdrop isn't ordering from China directly - if you'd like to ask the responsible where he sources his resin from, he's usually quite responsive on Geekhack etc. However, obviously you're just upset things like this are expensive as opposed to other seemingly similar items off of other places. It's okay, people like and pay for things. We're okay. It's fine.