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Hovership DIY 3DFly Micro-Quad Kit

Hovership DIY 3DFly Micro-Quad Kit

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Build Your Own Micro Drone

Great for beginners, maker groups, and RC hobbyists, this DIY micro-quad kit comes with almost everything you need to build and fly—just add a radio transmitter. The airframe is 3D printable and small enough to fit on most printer beds, and once printed, it’s easy to assemble with the included parts. Safe to fly both indoors and out, this drone requires basic soldering skills and some setup via a computer.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice between the Hovership 3DFly FrSky Kit and the Hovership 3DFly Spektrum Kit. These drones differ in the type of radio transmitter they’ll communicate/bind to. This drop will include 4 total batteries. 

Hovership DIY 3DFly Micro-Quad Kit


  • “Beef's Brushed Board” 32-bit flight controller preflashed with Baseflight firmware (Cleanflight compatible)
  • 4 brushed motors (8.5mm diameter; 2 clockwise, 2 counterclockwise rotation)
  • 2 packs of propellers (4 clockwise, 4 counterclockwise rotation); color selected at random
  • CP2102 USB to serial programmer with 4-pin jumper cable
  • FrSky- or Spektrum-compatible receiver
  • 4-cell (1S) 380mAh lithium polymer (LiPo) battery
  • 5-port USB battery charger
  • 8cm 3:1 clear heat-shrink tubing with heat-activated adhesive to hold motors in airframe sockets

Needed to Fly

  • 4+-channel transmitter
  • 3D-printed airframe (files available here)
  • Rubber band to hold battery to frame
  • Double-sided foam tape to attach flight controller to frame and receiver to top of flight controller (3M VHB tape recommended)


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Estimated ship date is July 18, 2017 PT.

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