HRT microStreamer Amp/DAC Combosearch

HRT microStreamer Amp/DAC Combo

HRT microStreamer Amp/DAC Combo

Where's the price?
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Hey everyone,

We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out!

Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the HRT microStreamer Amp/DAC Combo on Massdrop.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
Hey Guys,

Just received updated tracking info and barring any shipment delays these should arrive at our warehouse tomorrow. We will let you guys know when tracking info is uploaded.

Expect an update from us on 6/27 or sooner if something comes up.
Any update on a ship date for this drop? Thanks!
any update on the status of this? i'm just seeing "order placed".
Will the drop be to Australia?
Hi everyone,

This drop ended early at the request of the vendor. This happens for various reasons, the most common one being that retailers carrying their product successfully complained about customers saving money.

Fulfillment wise, we're roughly on track, we've heard that they "might" be delayed by "a few" days, but no precise confirmation at this time.
Thank you for your response, hope this drop will come back soon :(
So we are not going to get a response?
What happened to the drop ? why it ended before time? please bring it back...
6 hours ago this had 22 hours left. What happened?
well done!
I can appreciate that for whatever reason you guys are deciding not to post overseas.

What I don't appreciate is that you fail to offer a reason for it or even respond to any of the comments made in regards to this matter.

Discussion is the key to solving problems. Apathy is not.
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Could we get the option to hide drops that do not ship to us in the settings to avoid future disappointments?
Thanks for the reply mate.

All I wanted to hear. :)
Can it be connected to an iphone with IOS under version 7.0?
I keep checking back to this discussion, can someone from Massdrop chime in?

Is it possible to provide international shipping on this, or is that a no go?

Care to provide the reason for it when the last drop on this was not US only?

I am the person that started the poll that lead to Audioengine D3 and this drop and guess what? Both were not available to ship to Canada.

Perhaps that is just too bad, but when I went all the trouble creating the poll, and waiting for the product to launch, it's hard not to feel that my time and efforts were being stiffed.

I'm not trying to sound resentful, but there's clearly a lot of international people (Massdroppers?) sorely disappointed when they see this being available then found out they could not have it shipped to them.

Perhaps it's best if you do not show products that's not available to ship to my country at all rather than tease and disappoint by giving me false hope.
I know they aren't really the same class but they are in the same price point... Can anybody comment on the HRT microStreamer vs the Schiit Magni/Modi sound quality alone (I know the HRT is more portable)? Is the Schiit worth the $50 over the HRT at this drop price? I know that's a very subjective question but any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Also, fairly new to MassDrop...what's it mean when there is only a single price for the drop? Yet it still gives me the option to join or commit to join...
I've been waiting for this awesome little unit to come back on here - there is clearly a bunch of international buyers eager to get involved... so what's with the US only offer? Feels like 2004.
When this dropped last in August 2013 the international shipping was there.
Offer was US$149.99 + $16.21 shipping to Australia.
Please bring this back so we can get this item over the line.
So as far as I can discern, this is a paired headphone amp and dac device right? I imagine the dac is the better of the two components as is the case in most of these type of devices? Would I do well to get a separate headphone amp to pair with this little guys DAC?
Thanks Pachoo. One thing I'm also considering though is that C5D has an onboard power supply which can be recharged. This would be great for on-the-go applications that wouldn't require a drain on my phone/laptop battery. Bass Boost is a null point for me, but agree that it could be a dealmaker for some. Still on the fence about both, we'll see where these drops land in a few days.