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Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro / H507A X4 Star Pro FPV

Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro / H507A X4 Star Pro FPV

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Is this a good beginner drone?
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Does the Air Pro come with the H109S-50 FPV Transceiver X4 Pro for the $169 or do you still add the $90 to it making it $259 total?

Thanks in advance!
Found what appears to be the same thing for like $30 less?
That is for the 501A and controller. Only difference I can find is this drop says the controller/transmitter is a H109S-50 FPV transceiver while the link above says H906A, which I cannot find any information on. Any thoughts?
since when has
been less than 169.99?
Since if you had read my comment I said for the bundle with the controller, which adds $90 to the $170.
Damn, wish this had international shipping, would love to get this drop in New Zealand.
Does the transmitter work with the quadcopter out of the box? or do I need to do something like pairing it.. sorry, this is my first time I am buying a drone that is not RTF.
Hi Yohanes,

It will need to be paired or "bound" to the quad as the each aircraft has a unique reciever ID. There are many youtube videos and resources to find this information. You could also post here and I'm sure community members who have done this operation will aid you in binding yours!
Wow.. thanks for replying mate.. yeah I think I'm gonna need help pairing hahaha..
Let's say I'm hiking in an area with no cell phone or wifi access...Does the app still work or do you have to buy the remote?
Most apps don't work with no internet access, so I would get it to be safe if you can't find your answer.
Can this item be shipped to Cyprus ?
3.3 hour charge time for 20 mins of flight on the pro. I wish the battery was interchangeable
For 20 mins... that's actually alright. If the battery isnt inside the drone, then you could get a faster charger at Pegasus or something.
Pretty sure the battery is interchangeable. The 501S has removable battery and this is a newer version of that.
So does the transceiver that's available for extra work with either quad?
Yeah, that transceiver works with a lot of Hubsan quads
Great, thanks!
Last time I looked at Hubsan's website the H501A was going to include another transmitter -- just a cheaper one than the Pro. Is that still the case or is the base drop here for the H501A without _any_ transmitter? I don't need the fancy transmitter, but I don't want to only be using an app
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this has GPS . anything without GPS is utter crap,dont waste your money
the pro controller version also has quite decent range ,ive seen it in operation,you get a good 200-300m
whereas with a simple gyro drone you're limited to line of sight and even then it wont be stable
Two words... Fly Away
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