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Hubsan H501S X4 FPV 1080p Drone

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV 1080p Drone

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Ditto, nothing great here, very average
Same prices on ebay with out waiting so long.
Finally Cheaper than amazon.
Save up and get a phantom 3 standard. These drones cannot be compared to DJI. The difference in quality and features is ridiculous. P3S has gimbal stabilized and 2.7k video with 1km range and 27min flight time. This is just absurd. Best decision i made was to get a dji instead of a cheaper drone. P3S costs around $400 nowadays.
and you can get apps to do most everything the Phantom4 does for 25. more
Wouldn't recommend at this price. Either needs to be cheaper for what it is or you might as well get a better RTF for just a bit more.
Hi All,

We have recently lowered the price on this drop due to current competitors in the marketplace. We hope this new low price will help this item meet its lowest drop point, cheers!
It's $258 on Amazon right now with free shipping sorry guys...
did landing mode at :43 actually hit the ground landing?
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Hey, I would like to confirm: does this drone use 5.8GHz for FPV or just 2.4GHz? this is very important. thank you.
FPV is 5.8.. my Mini-pilot fpv receiver monitor picks up the feed no issue
The Hubsan H501S X4 uses 2.4 ghz for control 5.8 ghz for FPV. You can select any number if different frequencies around5.8 ghz.
Some more observations...

As mentioned, the battery indicator is useless, as it moves into the red after around five minutes of flying. So today I checked the voltage level instead to see how low it goes. When it was indicating around 6.5V with dips into 6.4V, I had to start applying more and more throttle to keep the quad in the air. After 30 seconds of this, the quad just floated to the ground as the battery didn't have enough juice left to keep it afloat. On the ground, motors off, at this point it was registering the battery output as 6.6V.

All up, after flying in a moderate wind with video recording the whole time and GPS on about half the time, I got a total of 17 minutes 48 seconds of flight time from one charge. That's pretty good. A few minutes of that was just hovering above the ground as I didn't know how long it'd stay in the air and didn't want it to fall out of the sky.

The video feed was going the whole time as was video recording even when the battery didn't have enough power to keep the drone in the air, which is a bonus.

So in future I'll just monitor the voltage indicator and ignore the battery meter. It starts off around 7.2V and when it drops to around 6.6 - 6.5V it's time to bring 'er down.

The quad is really quite easy to fly when using FPV rather than watching the drone. And when not in GPS mode it can move pretty fast. At the beginning of the flight I sent it off hard and within seconds it was nearly half a kilometer away, flying with the wind. Returning was quite a bit slower as it was then fighting the wind. The video feed was rock-solid the whole time. But that's line-of-sight. When a tree blocks the remote from the drone, video starts dropping out.

It's all good fun. Glad I purchased.
Another mini-review: New Firmware is now out 3/26/2016
(I have not updated yet)

I am no FPV pro, so take this as you will

Easy to fly!
This drone is fun!
I have taken the H501s out more to fly they anything else since I have gotten it.
Follow mode is cool, I played around with it bit.
I have crashed twice and only broken a blade. (ordered two sets already from the Hubsan)

H501s is fun to fly and feel really made well, Nice weight to it,

This drone is NOT a photography drone (like 3dr or DJI) .
It has a very nice 1080p camera but it can't hold a candle to anything I have used with 2/3 axis gimbal.
You may be able to smooth out the video with a post process, but I aint go time for that.

This drone is NOT a race style FPV drone
Issue with FPV: which can be summed up in the camera is facing flat/straight ahead, and camera can't be tiled upward.
When flying at speed you lose all vision of whats in front of your flight path.

Its like the H501s is trying to serve to masters which never works out well.

Would I recommend it? Heck yes, I really have fun with it, but if you are wanting to fly through some racing gates at high speed or get buttery smooth videos. This may not be for you.

Vids: (with youtude stabilization enabled)


Does anyone have the video of using this drone?
Oh well, so much for that. The last crash killed the drone. Was a hefty price for three days of flying, but can't blame anyone but myself and my poor flying skills.
LMAO... I know your pain. Just got my DJI Phantom 3 out the shop to a tune of $230! Is with it though. Basically got a completely new unit! I find you only get in trouble when you do something you know you shouldn't be doing! Lol!!!?
I resurrected the drone today. I ordered a replacement ESC, soldered it in this morning, and the drone now roams the skies once more. Today's pretty windy though, and the drone struggles to compensate.

I bought some Eneloop rechargeables for the handset and didn't have the video drop-outs I was having before. The on-screen battery level indicators are still garbage though.