Hydrapak 1L Stash Bottle (2017)search

Hydrapak 1L Stash Bottle (2017)

Hydrapak 1L Stash Bottle (2017)

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Any chance of these coming in Mojave orange or mammoth grey? I can't stand sequoia green for some reason.
need both hands, one hand has to hold bottom of stash bottle, especially when water below half full...
I will reiterate previous comments. Does this drop include 2 bottles or 1?? The email ad I received says 2.. Massdrop please clarify
I bought these on a previous drop and the cap broke on both within a few weeks of using them. Really liked the collapsible design for travel, but they are designed/made poorly.
Which is it? The email says 2 pack, the description says only one.
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So massdrop are we gonna get an answer?
The email stating this drop was for a 2-pack is a mistake - Our apologies for the error and thank you for bringing this up.
This is for a single 1L Stash Bottle only as stated on the drop page.
If you would like to cancel your order you can 'contact support' through the transaction page and we will be happy to give you a full refund.
Thanks for the heads up bpwnz amiller
Must my own $0.02 but I can't stand these bottles when camping or hiking. That they can compress is fantastic, but actively using them is annoying. It feels like you're trying to hold a floppy phallus straight when you drink out of them - you /have/ to use two hands, which can be particularly inconvenient.

Good for laughs though.

Also watch out using dish soap with any kind of scent. For some reason even if you use an extremely light and soft washing soap, it just holds on to that scent forever. <3
What color are we getting, green or blue?
Thinking seriously about getting one as a winter camping pee bottle.
The full retail price of this bottle is not $45.98... More like 17 or 18 bucks. I'm sure that is a typo on the listing. I have a few of these and quite like them.
The bottles I received differ from the ones on the Hydrapak website. On the site the bottles sport a nice big handle on the bottom for pulling the bottle apart when collapsed. The MassDrop version does not. Anyone know how to get these things apart easily? And why was this not mentioned BEFORE I bought two?
I have been using the Stash Bottle for the past 6 months, mainly at work, and I have no complaints. When I first received the product, the bottle did have a weird smell but after throwing it into the dishwasher (they suggest not to but I did) the smell went away. This water is perfect for hikes or even a day out where you want to have a reusable water bottle but don't want to be bothered with carrying it around (fits in my back pocket when folded up.

Has anyone found a easy solution to cleaning the bottle? I have read the suggested methods on their website but interested to hear if anyone has come up with a better solution.
Not sure what the difference is between bottles -- I've had no problem with these in terms of taste, and have been using them for weeks now. They fold down to a tiny profile, so they'd be good for carrying dry goods as well.
Washed, filled with lemon juice and water, froze and then melted water and rinsed with baking soda. its been fine since.
Unfortunately, I have the same problem as most everyone else with these bottles. They are not useable. Not sure what to do anymore.
any ideas how to get rid of the blastic smell/taste?
The plastic flavor of my bottles was awful. Tried warm water and baking soda which helped a lot, but the plastic taste still persisted. Froze the waterbottles with vinegar and water, mostly water, a bunch vinegar. The next day I melted the ice and rinsed the bottles, smelled a lot like vinegar. Didn't bother with taste testing it. Put baking soda and warm water in the bottle, let sit for an hour. Any weird flavors and smells gone, perfect water bottle, now.
I'll try, my bottles have been sitting in the freezer for months 'cause I haven't gotten rid of the smell and taste yet