Hypercel USB-C + QC 3.0 12,000mAh Powerbanksearch

Hypercel USB-C + QC 3.0 12,000mAh Powerbank

Hypercel USB-C + QC 3.0 12,000mAh Powerbank

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Can't ship to the philippines? what's d reason?
Due to federal regulations, lithium-ion batteries cannot be shipped via air if they are charged over a certain percent. Guessing that is the reason.
I own this one. It can only charge my S8+ 2.5 times before it runs out of power.
Glad to see usb-c out on the power banks finally, but now we need banks with the PD spec. I'm not expecting the 60+W out, but 40-45 seems possible, let's see if we can get a decent PD bank on here. I think the cheapest Anker is around $85-90 with PD, some lesser off brands $70-80 so a $60 PD bank would be nice or $70 on an Anker with PD (fairly new stuff, so I don't expect any crazy deals for a while yet)
Could you explain what PD is?
PD (power delivery I believe) is essentially another fast charge like QC 2.0 and 3.0, but when QC 3.0 maxes out at about 15-18W, PD is closer to 40-50W in a power bank, and 60-100W from a wall charger (typically for netbooks with a usb-c charge port). Most typical USB chargers with phones operate at 5 volts (V), 2 amps (A), which to get your watts (W) you multiply volts and amps ( V x A), so typically a 10W charger (usb-c chargers usually do 12-18 W)

Your device's battery and input charge port have to support QC 2.0/3.0 and/or PD to make use of it. Pixel 2 and most newer netbooks with a usb-c charge port use PD.
Available for $22.99 via groupon...
For the older model, yes.
Great value for $22.99.

However, this is the new model with QC 3.0, where as the one you're describing has 2.0. Also this allows charging of two devices, at least from what I can tell from the descriptions.
3 is greater than 2 so there's that.
Wouldn't have bothered requesting if I knew this was US only.
Lithium batteries are pretty much barred from consumer shipping internationally.

Quick Google search will show you why. Currently on mobile otherwise I would link.
Anyone know if this capable of charging a 2017 macbook pro?
I'm trying to understand the whole charging voltage thing but it's more confusing than Biomed...
I would really appreciate some explanations also, thank you in advance!
tl;dr: no. don't use it to charge a macbook pro

This battery pack doesn't support USB Power Delivery (abbreviated USB-PD), the spec that macbooks use to draw more power over USB-C).

It's rated at 5V/3A, so 15 Watt max (real world numbers are gonna be a bit lower). A macbook pro under any sort of load would be using more power than that.

You might be able to get enough charge to use it after like an hour of charging while the macbook is powered down, but it's hardly a good solution.
Yup, exactly what Jukey said. You want to find one that specificially says USB-C PD and even then, it won't keep your MBP charged if you're using it. I've only seen current portable powerbanks capable of up to 30W output via the USB-C port, even with PD. The 13-inch 2017 MBP requires 61W and the 15-inch 2017 MBP requires 87W. Maybe in the future as the USB PD spec becomes more widespread, there will be something capable. Bottom line: it'll charge your MBP if it's off or slow the battery drain if it's on.
Would this quick charge 3.0 charge my iPhone 7 faster? Or not because only the iPhone 8 has ‘quick charge’
I also have a 9.7” iPad 3 that still has the 30 pin connector not lightning yet and that’s what could really use a faster charge but I’m assuming it’s too out dated
Depends on what you mean by "quick charge". The Qualcomm Quick Charge spec is not compatible with iPhones so the official "Quick Charge" or "Quick Charge 3.0" will not work with your iPhone.

However, this will charge your iPhone faster than the 5V adapter that comes with your phone as this one outputs 12V over the USB-A port. That would be equivalent to plugging in your phone to an iPad wall adapter.
The USB-C output almost certainly doesn't comply with the Power Delivery specification. Otherwise, it would say it, and also, it would deliver 12V power at least (if not the 20V described by the PD spec).
For me: useless.
Adding the Anker to the list. Proven brand with a fantastic warranty. Similar capacity and speed to this item, but in a (SMALLER) sleek black case. The USB-C is in only, and it has 2 standard USB out. Set up a watch on camelcamelcamel to get it for less than $30, too.
No QC 3.0 on that model though (they do make plenty that do have it) - If you have a device that supports QC 3.0, you definitely want it as it charges substantially faster in my experience.
Right. Like I said. Similar capacity and speed. Not SAME.
It charges at up to 3A, same as, say, the iPad's faster charger.
If you're not sure whether your device is one of only 60 models that supports this Qualcomm standard, here's a handy list: https://www.qualcomm.com/documents/quick-charge-device-list
Also, the Ankur has a higher capacity battery than this.
Similar. Not same. <3
Micro input with a type c output, isn't that a little strange?
The type-C is input/output, so you can charge the powerbank through either the micro-B at 2A/5V or through the type-C at 3A/5V.
Type-C is going to be preferable of course, but this allows for flexibility if you don't have the right cables on you.
Oh right, that's actually a great way to do it