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HyperChiller Beverage Cooler V2

HyperChiller Beverage Cooler V2

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New & Improved Design for Iced Coffee in 60 Seconds

Somewhere between cold brew and complicated made-from-scratch iced coffee recipes, the HyperChiller gives you fresh iced coffee without dilution in just 60 seconds. To use it, put the container in the freezer and let it cool. When you’re ready for a cold beverage, take it out and carefully pour your drink into the top, wait a minute, and voila: your drink is up to 130 degrees cooler than before. This version ups the ante with a deeper lid for ease of pouring, repositioned vents for less dripping, improved threads for a better seal, and a better spout for a straighter pour. Inside, innovative stainless steel chambers help insulate the ice and lower the temperature of what you pour in (like adding 30 ice cubes to your drink without diluting it). It’s not limited to just coffee, either: Use the HyperChiller for tea, cocktails, juice, and really anything you need to make cold quickly. When you’re done, just pop it back into the freezer or in the dishwasher.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Chills coffee in one minute
  • Chills hot coffee by up to 130 degrees in 60 seconds without dilution
  • Capacity: 12.5 oz
  • Compatible with all brewing methods
  • Dishwasher safe


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