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I'm using mine with a Google Pixel XL (1st Gen) and an iPad Air 2. I have no complaints about the sound, but the Bluetooth connection is very unreliable. I have many moments where the right earbud will cut out completely, and may or may not resume playback.

I noticed that it seems to happen more frequently with my iPad. I do have a cover for said iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard built in, but disconnecting it or turning it off hasn't helped. Is this issue common, or is my unit just defective?
Micro-usb and Bluetooth 4.1 in 2018. omegalul
The charging wire should have the ability to charge both at same time otherwise if I am reading it right it takes two hours for each bud. With a double plug two hours total
From what I've read, the charging wire charges an internal power bank in the holder, which charges the earbuds when you put them back in.
Sound is very subjective and what might sound perfect for some might not be a winner for others they never claimed to be at the same calibre as Shure SE846 and they are not, but in all do honesty these guys don't sound half as bad as some claim them to be and in the interest of fairness deserve a little credit.
But to label them a twenty dollar iem is just a little harsh and unjust in my opinion.
I have to admit I was quite skeptical when I ordered mine on the last drop thinking that after the first twenty minutes listening they'll go straight to the trash but I have been pleasantly and truly surprised.
Yes they do have a bit of bass but they are not as overpowering to muffle the mids and highs as these reviews claim.
No they wouldn't set your house on fire but they are not as primitive as some reviews in here suggest them to be, far from it, if anything.
I found them really comfortable to wear for hours and sounding good enough to come back to every time.
The bluetooth connection is crisp and clear with out any interference or low-end hissing noise that you might hear with some Bluetooth connections, like you are listening to a AM band sound in a radio.
And before I get labeled a basshead, I listen to everything from classical, jazz, electronic and acustic and have quite a diverse selection of iems and big cans amps and so on . . . although I am far from being an audiophile I am not an stranger to a decent high quality sound and honestly this IEM don't disappoint.
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Thank you DarinJD, as expect with a small battery. Perfectly suitable for a normal day of work (go to work, listen to music, listen a bit during break and finally on your way home). Perfect! Thanks again, will be eye balling this one till it comes again around!
You are welcome Daniel, we are happy you enjoy them and appreciate your feedback. As we look at next generation features the feedback and comments truly help. All the best to you.
Having just received mine, take this review with a grain of salt. I'm not sure if they need to burn in or anything, but they're not worth $75.

They're not terrible, but they don't make $75 worth of sound. The charger/case is neat, and it's far better than my last pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. The headphones are also quite easy to use.

The problems:
- The headphones have too much bass. They just don't sound right. The highs are lost, the mids and lows are muddled, and you just don't get much depth to what you're listening to.
- The headphones can sound rattly, but this seems to depend on the Bluetooth on the device sending the signal to the headphones. Apparently Apple has piss poor Bluetooth in the 15" MacBook Pro from 2015. My LG G6, however, seems to not suffer from the rattly sound when using these.

These are fine for the convenience of the form factor, but for the sound I'd expect them to be a bit cheaper.
These are identical to Rowkin, HomeSpot, Savfy and others. I’ve had the Savfy and HomeSpot versions and I like them a lot. Check eBay though as you can get these cheaper and I recommend you get the bigger battery case.
These vs the Bragi Headphones?
Hi, The Bragi Headphones are larger in size and do have some control features built into the earbud. As far as sound performance in my opinion the I am Sound have a strong bass as well as overall sound. The price point on the I am Sound is much better than others in the marketplace. In addition, the price the Massdrop is offering I am Sound is superior to any other retailer on the market.
Bragi "The Headphone" headphones had a really low max volume in my experience , they are bigger and a little less comfortable, and when you put the headphones back in the case they did not turn off or dissconnect from the phone, an issue that tripped me up many times. But it had its good sides too, the transparent audio (or whatever the mode is called that allows outside audio to be played over the speaker) was awesome and the charging case held a much better charge.

These headphones (or rather, the rowkins I have that are the same from what it seems) have more volume, but are a little unbalanced sounding, their connection to one another is sometimes a little wonky (a problem that does not impact the bragis because they use a different technology to connect with one another, these ones use bluetooth. I hear this earpeace disconnecting and reconnecting from time to time issue is much worse for folks who keep their phones in their pockets, I have very few issues with keeping my phone in my purse though and rarely wear pants with pockets :/ so I cant speak to it all that much). Some very real things that do bother me about these involve how it charges. Its charger gets split open to plug in, and one half can go behind the other half, (thus going over one of the ear pieces, and while the battery of the charger is charging, that internal ear piece is charging, but the other ear piece does not charge until you take it off the charger, and re-attach the two halves back together at the center, allowing the batteries power to pass to the second ear piece (this may just be a defect in mine though). Also, now that I have had them a bit, the chargers battery has weakened enough to not be able to signal that the ear pieces should be shut off when placed on the charger.... though up until about a month ago, this feature always worked fine.
OH! And, when you start playing music/sound/whatever from these ones, they make the sound fade in, presumably to not suddenly blast super loud music into your ear if you arnt expecting it. This is fine for normal music and such, but in some apps that play short sounds (in my case, memrise for learning another language) it does not get up to an audible volume until the short sound clip is already over, so I cant use it with these headphones.

Overall, I like these more though, to the point where I am looking at the ones that come with the larger rowkin charger which will hopefully help me get past the only issues I currently really have.
I have a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that cannot be charged with anything but the smallest tips installed. Can these be charged with any size tip installed?
Hi, I am Sound comes with 3 tips sizes (small, medium and Large). All tips fit inside the charging station and will work. Select the tips that provide the best comfort and sound.
These look eerily similar to those headphones on Amazon
Which are the same as the rowkins
These look eerily close to the generic X2T earbuds one can grab from AliExpress for around 20$ - the packaging is different indeed, but the form factor, size, and even the indication LEDs look way too close to that model to be a coincidence.

Don't get me wrong, those headphones are awesome for 20$, but a slight re-design and re-brand is not worth 50$+ in my opinion.
I am not familiar with the X2T units, but can let you know the manufacturer I work with owns the patents. There are a number of occasions the patent has had to be defended. The manufacturing costs for our units are well above what you indicated and confident that part of that is due to superior quality components. I have seen myself a few knock-offs when I have gone to the electronics show coming up because of the success we are seeing.

Thank you for sharing and happy you like the sound of your units.
mine cut out constantly if my phone is in my front pocket, which is super annoying. judging from the reat of the feedback i‘ve read, that could just be a one-off issue.

does anyone know if it’s safe to charge one ear bud while the charging case is charging?

other feedback - like the form factor and sound quality is good for both music and phone calls (when not cutting out). i really wish the button could be double tapped to skip a song (i have cheap earbuds with this feature so it doesn’t seem impossible to incorporate).
Anyone know if any foam tips fit on these?
Hi, the foam tips do not work well with I am Sound. The charging contact is at the point on the earbud and many of the foam tips have this contact covered. If you have found a foam tip that still will allow the earbud to have contact with eh charging station please let me know and we will test them. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers and each of them have their own personal preferences. We are headed to CES and will be having conversations with some of the foam manufacturers to see if they have options. Thank you for your question.