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iKon Slant Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

iKon Slant Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

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Antique Innovation

This is the Stainless Steel iKon Double Edge Slant Razor, the first precision stainless slant ever made. Slant Razors are very popular within the wet shaving community for their aggressive and incredibly effective shave. Sadly, the slant razor options have been limited to rare antiques and one off designs. Given the popularity and lack of availability, iKon designed a slant using the high quality components and build (handles hewn from solid steel bars) they’re known for. The result is an innovative stainless steel design featuring the antique slant razor head. The iKon Slant is, without question, the highest quality slant razor available today.

iKon Slant Stainless Steel Double Edge RazoriKon Slant Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

Switch to Double Edge

Double Edge shaving is cheaper, healthier, and more confidence inducing than cartridge shaving. Mach3 cartridges cost about $2.25/ea online, Double Edge razors cost $.10 each. Ingrown hairs arise when facial hairs are pushed into the deeper layers of your skin while shaving. This is a common occurrence when shaving with multi-blade razors, the first blade takes off a small piece of skin along with the hair, then the following blades push the remaining hair down into your skin producing ingrown hairs. Double Edge razor shaving uses one, exceptionally sharp, razor to shear the hair without damaging skin or pushing the root into deeper skin. Finally, you’re shaving with something sharp enough to cut steak like warm butter, not a cartridge full of half dull metal strips. This is serious business and you can cut yourself but it’s a skill you can master. Make shaving a ritual rather than a chore with the iKon Slant Double Edge Razor.

iKon Slant Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor


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