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Infinity Ergodox Full Hand Add-On

Infinity Ergodox Full Hand Add-On

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Easy Full Hand Add-On

One of the most requested options for the Infinity ErgoDox Mechanical Keyboard Kit has been the Full Hand version, which was available with the original ErgoDox. Now, following the redesign, the Full Hand version is available as an add-on. For those who already have an Infinity ErgoDox, this add-on can be attached to the original—no desoldering required.

Infinity Ergodox Full Hand Add-On

Grifiti Compatible, Aluminum Baseplate

The case is made from aluminum and acrylic, and was carefully designed to use fewer materials than previous iterations. The addition of the aluminum baseplate makes this keyboard significantly sturdier than other versions. It’s compatible with Grifiti ErgoDox wrist pads and can be further modded by the particularly adventurous.

Infinity Ergodox Full Hand Add-On


  • Acrylic spacer layers
  • Aluminum baseplate
  • Compatible with Infinity ErgoDox


  • 8X Clear acrylic spacer layers
  • 2X Aluminum bottom plate replacements
  • 6X Stand offs with screws


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