Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kitsearch

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

Infinity x GMK 3Run 60% Keyboard Kit

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Bring this back. I need another. Wouldn't change a thing except maybe cherry balancers for the large keys, but no big deal there.
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Who is MD? I wonder if it would be possible to get a copy of the circuit design in order to recreate this.
Oh... MassDrop. I'm dumb. Forgive me.
Also having another issue with flashing the PCB, anyone?

I've flashed the whitefox before and the process is rather straight forward. However, after I flashed the PCB, the orange light (for flash mode) stays on and the keyboard refuses to exit flash mode. As good as a brick now.
Anyone having this issue with the replaced space-bar? FYI mito what I was talking about in the other post.
Made reference hacker layout with new Yuri keyset. Better than I could do with 3run but still those gaps on R1.

Why wouldn't I:C make this with off-center 6u configuration. All these problems could be avoided then. Or at least make board with both location. At least then we could replace the plate. Definitely not well though out.
Will WASD custom keycaps fro their 60% boards work with the Infinity 60% if you choose alphabet? Also any word on if K-type is getting a 60% version to replace this? Really want to get a 60% from I:C but would hate it if this drop came back only for them to announce a K-Type 60%.
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I will check out kira for sure thanks! Recently I have been talking to some IC guys and they say they have big plans for a 60% update so I may just wait. Honestly I just like there level of layers and customization within those layers.
QMK/TMK has more features and is much more flexible. I would really like to see IC improve their firmware/online configurator to include mouse keys, tap/hold function , and complex macro support. Currently you have to build your own firmware or run TMK on the Infinity in order to have those functions.
is the keyboard layout compatible with Linux Operating system?
The keyboard is compatible to Linux, which means you could just plug it in and play.
And you could configure the program layers/layouts you like into the keyboard using its configurator and flash tools. Please check its input club webpage for more details.
I only use Linux, it works 100% and is probably the easiest operating system to deal with this keyboard on as it's extremely easy to flash from Linux as the terminal is first-class, while Windows doesn't have the greatest CLI or build environment support.
If I use ALPS switches, what kind of stabilizer I can use?
The back of keycaps are not cross...

I'm suprised Massdrop doesn't include Alps/Matias hooks for the stabilizer bars. Maybe pull some off an old Alps board or try this:
Thank you! I already have this kit and it does not fit on this kind of plate😭😭😭. The holes are different.
I think this kit is not for ALPS/ Matias.
Is the plate for hacker/alphabet/standard the same? Any 60% plate should work right?
I originally bought this to go with the wooden case and only just realized that I won't have a plate to go with it... (i opt for the bent steel case because i don't already have one and it was cheaper)
The plates were different to between the layouts.
Your best bet will be to check input.clubs's github, grab the design file for the plate, then find a shop that'll cut you one. That or find a 60% plate that'll match one of the layouts in their design files.

Can people having the Hacker version of the keyboard post pictures of their last row. There are gaps between the keys - and I realize that none of the pictures in the description section showed the Hacker version. Did MD even assemble the hacker version to verify that the keys fit properly. The Fn keys do not line up on the left border. And for the keyboard layout shown in the diagrams - there are not just enough keys to have it like as shown (in the Hacker diagram on the description page). I am not happy with how the last row looks after spending all this money on it - not to mention about the spacebar mixup for this version.
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Did you (or anyone else) get their replacement hacker spacebars?? Its been ages and still not sign of getting what we paid for. If anyone from massdrop is reading - please let us know an update.
I have not yet, however Yanbo has provided an update further down in the comments.

"Hey there, the tooling came out well so we have replacement spacebars on order.
We are expecting them to come in at the end of October. I'll keep everyone updated as soon as they arrive!"

I personally will be checking back mid to late November if we have not heard anything by then.