Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)search

Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)

Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)

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Breathable Everyday Toe Sock

Designed to act as the first line of defense against blisters and excess moisture, the Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew makes a strong argument for switching to toe socks. The five-toe sleeve design encourages total foot utilization, natural toe splay, and proper alignment, while the Coolmax fabric keeps your feet cool, dry, and comfortable all day long. Wear it with Vibrams, hiking sandals, work shoes, or any other footwear—either on its own or as a light first layer paired with a thicker outer layer. In any case, this liner sock will make for healthy, happy feet.

Note: This drop is for three pairs of socks. At checkout, you'll have your choice of size from unisex S to L.

Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)
Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)
Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)

About Injinji

Founded in 1999, Injinji has evolved from a startup sock company to a community of athletes from a variety of sports—all dedicated to pushing personal physical boundaries and making life’s adventures more comfortable for everyone. Injinji takes its name from a term that describes the moment a traditional African drumming circle reaches a climax, when the drummers, the dancers, and the rhythm are working as one. The company believes that this peak in performance and this feeling of unison apply to the athletic community, as well.

Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)

Sizing Chart

Injinji Liner Coolmax Crew (3-Pack)


  • Injinji
  • 75% Coolmax polyester, 21% nylon, 4% Lycra
  • 200 needle count
  • Crew height
  • Weight per pair, size M: 1.2 oz (34 g)


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