Inked and Screened Awesome Mix Patent Printssearch

Inked and Screened Awesome Mix Patent Prints

Inked and Screened Awesome Mix Patent Prints

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I'm surprised this wasn't categorized in Mech Keys when the t-shirt were.
Love it want it... $18.49 shipping to Australia. Thats more than the price of the product AGAIN. I love to buy from MD but its getting harder and harder to do so with what i consider to be exorbitant shipping prices. Not happy Massdrop (who of course wont comment)
I have a question for those with a deeper background in headphones than me - anybody out there know which Koss headphones ultimately came of the patent pic in this drop? I have this print from a previous drop, and thought it would be cool to have the actual headphones to complement the framed picture. They kind of look like an early take on Porta-pros, but those came out in 1984. That seems too long to get to market from 1981. The closest headphones I can find from the early 80s looks like a K/6X plus or K/6LC, but there look to be some meaningful differences. Maybe somebody here remembers these from the good old days and can give me some insight? Thanks in advance for any help!

Well mine got delivered Thursday and it came dented. I got this as a gift for someone but now it's gonna be pretty shitty with creases all over the damn thing.
Is there any chance of the first espresso machine being included in this, evantually? I get excited every time I see this one, and really want a giant blueprint of that machine in my kitchen. Also, I think size options would be very cool in the future. Keep bringing this back, because I think this is a very cool drop.
It is just a piece of paper or does it come framed?
One of the photos of the poster production has ewoks on it, I don't see ewoks as a listed option.

Is the ewok option from your production photos an option @vendor?
Advertisement pictures are misleading. If they sold a larger sized poster before I don‘t think it should be used for this drop which is the 18x24 solely. The size looks much bigger in the photos, and if its actually the 18x24 being shown, its blown way out of proportion to make it look bigger than it is until you read the fine print or receive it in the mail.
The sample pictures seem to show prints that are significantly larger than 18"x24". Is this accurate?
Will there ever be a white background with black ink available?
Does anyone know if they can be mounted both horizontally and vertically?
well thats great i joined the drop but it turns out my order was messed up
The shipping for this drop to the UK is $18, however the cost of shipping for the automobile prints to the UK is $13. Why is this?
Do you choose the print you want at checkout??
So is it just a piece of paper or dose it come with a canvas.
I would describe it as nice paper stock but my experience with various types of paper is limited. It's definitely not canvas.
same here.. i want to know if when shipped, is is already on canvas? do we have an option where it can be just rolled in a secured container?
I feel many of these drops are useless, if you are living in the U.S.
Product 15 $
Shipping 19 $.......
If you are NOT*** living in the U.S
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