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Inked and Screened Geometric Wooden Clocks

Inked and Screened Geometric Wooden Clocks

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Mine arrived yesterday in very good condition. It was a much lighter wood than shown in these pictures but it was well packaged and arrived undamaged except for a bent second hand. The hanger is integrated in the plastic case of the mechanism, a small triangular hole. I aligned that with the top of the clock and hung it. It looks great on the wall but it would look better if the wood was darker. I may remove the mechanism this summer and use a darker stain on it.
I'd like to append to my previous comment with an update. Apparently once the drop ends any comments on here do not get forwarded to the I&S guys. I contacted them directly and explained my problems (clock arrived kind of damaged and was not very well made), and they apologized and immediately sent out a new clock. The packaging didn't change so the chance of it being damaged is still very high, but I was lucky enough to receive a much better made clock and the communication was very quick. They seem very committed to customer satisfaction and are willing to do what it takes to make unsatisfied customers happy. They seem like genuinely good ppl with a passion for what they do. Sometimes unfortunate miscommunication and process get in the way, but if you're interested in their work, maybe do give them a try!
thanks for the kind words, to reiterate your point I only now just saw this comment 27 weeks later as I had to specifically search for this listing to see if there was any activity. I hope to work on some type of vendor portal with Massdrop to make it a little easier to keep track of questions and comments. - Alex
PSA: skip this one. While they did put on a metal hanger on mine after I sent it back, the quality is pretty poor. The wood that connects the metal and wood is glued and most of those pieces do not hold anymore, at least on mine. The clock mechanism they use doesn't work, so don't expect it to be anything more than something pretty to hang on the wall. If you want a nice clock, your $80+ is better spent elsewhere. Good idea, but half baked in execution and quality.
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Hi montgomery, thanks for the feedback, we will be utilizing different glue on this next round so that should solve the problem. please email us at and we can line you up with a replacement since your product isnt living up to our standards. this goes out to anyone who is unhappy with any products purchased from us.

Look, I'm not joining this drop due to previous bad feedback about the product. I love the design and would join if I knew it was high enough quality. To make me and people like me join this drop then you need to clearly explain how you have fixed all the problems that have been brought up. Then I will reconsider.

If you've fixed the product, tell us! If not, I'm not buying.
hey guys, I am sorry for some reason we aren't getting emails when someone replies to the drop anymore. if anyone has an issue please reach out to us at so we can rectify it directly!
the shipping costs almost the same as the clock(57.75) gtfo
ok so clearly i shouldn't bother with this one. thanks for the heads up
I'm flagging this. Thanks everyone.
Is nobody from Massdrop going to comment on the colossal disaster of this drop?
Product arrived with the minutes hand bent, but I fixed that myself. Came with markings on the metal, not a great finish. After one week half of the attachment points have come off. Considering I paid $200 aud to have this item I am very dissapointed.

Received the clock, and as far as I can tell, the mechanism stopped working a week after it arrived. New batteries make no difference.
Mine arrived a few days ago and it looks nothing like the pic. Firstly they shipped it in this flimsy box with NO padding, which showed up all destroyed. The content inside was mostly okay but one of the needle was super bent and the metal sheet was also a bit warped. I fixed those. However, nothing can fix the fact that the clock looks nothing like they advertised -- there is no thick border around the outside like shown in the pics. The whole clock mechanism seems loose and rotates freely. The wooden part is mounted slightly offset so one side of the metallic border is larger. So overall it looks very flimsy and cheap. I would not have spent the money on this had I known. It just looks half finished without the border.
Anyone have ideas on how to repair this? I just got mine and the hour had spins freely. Can I maybe just add new hands?

I just got my clock and the mechanism on the back is sideways! Not what I paid for and waited so long to receive.
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It seems like the "hook" is on backwards in the order that I received . Do you have posted instructions on how to remove the clock mechanism properly; reinstall the "hook"the right way up? Update :- realized it's a clock after all. But my OCD kicked in. Lol!
My mechanism doesn't work, at all. I sent you a message on your website, as well as here. Can you please respond?
May I know what is the weighty and form factor of the packaging?
Have they fixed their machine then? The last drop I ordered went unfulfilled because their machine was damaged beyond repair.
Fixed no, but we have a new laser coming on Wednesday that is much more industrial and about 5x quicker than our last one. Should allow us to reduce the lead time on this tremendously for future drops. Again, our apologies for last time. I think we pushed the machine a little too hard trying to get these fulfilled.