Insta360 Nano Dual 3K VR Video Camera for iPhonesearch

Insta360 Nano Dual 3K VR Video Camera for iPhone

Insta360 Nano Dual 3K VR Video Camera for iPhone

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Native Android support when?
Is this a spherical camera (ala Ricoh Theta S or V)? 360 degrees doesn’t mean spherical.

And if it uses a memory card, then how/why does it use the iPhone?
I have one - you can use it stand alone (and not be able to see what your filming) or attached it to your Iphone and be able to view what your recording. As far as your first question goes see below.

A Brand New 360° Lifestyle World's first 360 Degree Spherical Video Camera for iPhone Give your world a 360° change with Insta360 Nano. Experience a new dimension of photography and videography. A 360° Social Lifestyle With just a simple click, you are able to share your 360° life with your friends on social media, whether it is a smart 360° selfie, or a thrilling 360° video of skydiving or bungee jumping, or even a 360° live streaming on Facebook for your once-in-a-lifetime moment. Your social circle will become seamlessly 360°. A Miniature of Craftsmanship Designed as the tiniest spherical camera in the world, Insta360 Nano strives to optimize your 360° virtual reality experience. Easily plugged into your iPhone, it allows you to shoot your 360° photos and videos at any place and any time. This portable gadget flavors your 360° photography with supreme convenience.
Purchased one thru, I would have waited for this if I knew it was coming. Interesting product.
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I should receive mine in a few days time, I hope :-)
We had fun shooting this video using the Insta360. The 360 audio was mixed in the studio though. You can hear the 360audio using Google Chrome. Safari does not support 360 Video yet. Link here:
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