Integra DLB-5 DTS:X Dolby Atmos Sound Systemsearch

Integra DLB-5 DTS:X Dolby Atmos Sound System

Integra DLB-5 DTS:X Dolby Atmos Sound System

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I have the Onkyo version. It is good for smaller spaces, doesn't block the TV. The sound is good with TV and other Video inputs, surround is fantastic, (using in a basement with 8' tiled ceiling). Music, is not so good though. I then bought the Definitive Technology W soundbar, which is fantastic musically, but it is very, very loud. The connection options are not as good as the Onkyo, and it blocks the sensor for the TV power. Also, a lot of the options are not available directly on the remote like the Onkyo, or implemented as well as on the Onkyo. I am thinking about putting back up the Onkyo for those reasons. I really miss that options like Night mode can be accessed direct from the remote unlike the DT which you always have to change via the onscreen menu. The Onkyo also seems to do a better job of attenuating the sound. I have DISH network, and the sound either soft or loud depending on the source. There is not that much difference in the quality of Night mode between the two systems to my ears. The Onkyo is just is not as loud as the DT. Though the DT is not as time consuming to setup as the Onkyo.
So far from what I found, a used Sub Integra SLW-43 can be found for $100 on ebay. Might not mean anything but to me its saying the sub is meh. As far as the sound bar none of the best buy have them for in store listening. As others have said its almost identical in specs to the Pioneer FSEB70 and Onkyo system.

Just found out why, onkyo owns pioneer and integra ūüôÉ

Integra DLB-5, Onkyo SBT-A500, Pioneer FSEB70 ... all looks the same for me. Interesting, who actually designed it? Dolby? And who is the actual manufacturer?
I noticed that also, other then some front panel differences, and back panel ports. The three sound bars appear to be from the same manufacturer.
Differences I could find from the Integra:
Onkyo SBT-500 - Same front panel. Same remote. Missing IR input. Missing Sub Pre-Out.
Pioneer FSEB70 - Different Front Panel. Slightly different remote. Missing IR port. USB input moved to back.

Did a little research and Integra audio is owned by Onkyo,
Is the built in Chromecast audio only? Or audio and video? A number of sound bars say Chromecast but only do audio.
Looks alot like the Pioneer Elite FSEB70.
Anyone own the Integra that can give us a review?
Thinking of buying this for a small media room.
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It appears the integra DLB-5 is almost identical to the Onkyo SBT-500.
google returns alot of reviews of the Onkyo unit.
Got it. Thanks!
this looks interesting but if that's a custom cable from the soundbar to the device... that might be a deal killer for me. How long is that cable? Is an extension for it an option?
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The Length of the cable from the receiver to the soundbar is 10 feet.

Edit: The cable is 10 Feet. macmcr3 tminske
Perfect. More than enough. I placed my order. Can't wait to get it!
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